Israel Education Resource Guide

A collection of resources for teaching and learning about Israel with children, teens, and adults.

David Project—Curricular Materials
Audience: Teens
Overview: The David Project offers a series of curricular materials for purchase (sample pages are available) that seek to “engage students in the history of the Jewish people, their relationship to Israel, and historical and contemporary events related to Israel.”

David Project—Programs
Audience: High School Students
Overview: The David Project offers program opportunities to high schools. These programs seek to strengthen Israel engagement amongst students.

The iCenter Educational Resources
Audience: Varied (including teens, staff, campers, etc.)          
Overview: This space contains numerous resources that serve “as a guide to the wide variety of materials, projects, and ideas that exist in Israel education” including songs and articles to use as a reference.

The iCenter—Aleph Bet of Israel Education
Audience: Varied
Overview: The Aleph Bet of Israel Edcuation is meant to provide a holistic guide on how to approach Israel education that touches on “the intellectual, the spiritual, the emotional, and the behavioral, interwoven in such a way as to tie the child to Israel and the Jewish people in the deepest of ways."

Ravsak–Talking to Students About the Recent Events in Israel  
Audience: Educators
Overview: Articles and resources for helping students understand and contextualize the recent Israeli conflict.

Makom—Materials for Teens
Audience: Teens     
Overview: A variety of curricula is available that works to engage teens in the study of the “relationship between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel” from Biblical times through the time of exile (a period of 1,200 years) until modern day. A great deal of the articles are focused on how to engage in Israel education and conversation while at camp.

Makom—The Gaza Conflict: Materials for Educators 
Audience: Educators
Overview: “It is our belief that there are four fundamental questions that lie at the heart of all Israel engagement. We reckon that the more times we ask ourselves these questions, in more circumstances, in more depth, the more we will succeed in appreciating and grappling with Israel in our lives.”

Ethics of War Presentation—Moshe Halbertal
Audience: Adults
Overview: This speech outlines the ethics of war, specifically those that relate to what is being debated concerning Israel and Hamas.

Ethics of War Discussion and Text Study Program
Audience: Teens
Overview: This guide helps educators facilitate discussions about causes of war, different kinds of war according to Jewish texts, and the general ethics of war. 

Audience: Children
Overview: Akhlah focuses primarily on the basic facts of Israel including Prime Ministers, historical maps, timelines, etc.

The Jewish Education Center of ClevelandIsrael: Six Lenses Response Curriculum
Audience: Varied
Overview: This response curriculum is designed to help educators consider age-appropriate ways to place Israel front and center in our lessons and special events planning.

The Jewish Education Center of ClevelandIsrael Clicks
Audience: High School Students, Adults
Overview: This website is a place to explore your questions about the current situation in Israel using this well organized collection of "mainstream" resources from multiple perspectives.

Israel Education Initiative—Learning Resources
Audience: Varied
Overview: A variety of learning resources are offered (some free of charge and others require a fee). These resources aim to ensure that “all students are knowledgeable about Israeli history, culture and society, as well as have an enduring Jewish identity and a strong sense of Jewish peoplehood.”

Stand With Us—Teaching Tools
Audience: Teens (Middle School/High School)
Overview: A variety of Lesson Plans are offered here complete with activities, worksheets, quizzes, and resources for teaching different sub-subjects of Israel including US-Israel Relations, multi-cultural Israel, technological advancements, and war history.

Israel Up Close—Presenter’s Educational Guides
Audience: Varied    
Overview: Israel Up Close offers a variety of educational guides that include videos and classroom guidelines that can act as a springboard for a meaningful Israel discussion.

JFNA—Education Resource Center
Audience: Varied    
Overview: JFNA offers a number of different educational tools including curriculum, materials to order, one-time programs, article and speeches, reading lists, and other web resources.

JFNA—Making Israel Part of the Everyday Education for Young Students
Audience: Children
Overview: This article aims to expose the hardships of incorporating Israel into a child’s everyday education and also seeks to provide suggestions for how to bring Israel into the everyday classroom.

Behrman House Resource Libraries Curriculum Guide: Israel
Audience: Varied    
Overview: Berhman House offers a variety of curriculum for purchase.

NFTY—Exploring the Situation in Israel
Audience: Teens     
Overview: This allows the user to have interactive discussion in order to formulate their own views and opinions about the situation.

Silver Platter Song
Audience: Varied
Overview: This is a song describing the sacrifices made for the independence of the Jewish State of Israel.

Hebrew Songs—Songs for Israel
Audience: Varied
Overview: This provides lyrics to a song called “I Have No Other Country” or “Ein Li Eretz Acheret.”

Hebrew Songs—Songs for Israel (2)
Audience: Varied
Overview: This provides lyrics to a song called “How Shall I Bless Him” or “Mah Avarech.

Prayers and Songs for Israel
Audience: Varied
Overview: This provides the lyrics to songs such as “From Flames to Heaven” and “Songs of Zion the Beautiful.”

Constructive Conversations About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Guide
Audience: Varied
Overview: This gives a comprehensive guide to leading conflict discussions.

Israel: Memory and Dreams
Audience: Everyone    
Overview: This gives an outline for prayer for Israel.

Out of sight, out of mind. Or is it? The impact of the war on children in the United States
Audience: Children
Overview: This outlines the impact of war on children and how to assess the effect of violence on children.

When the World is a Dangerous Place: Helping Children Deal with Violence in the News
Audience: Children
Overview: This is a comprehensive guide to dealing with children seeing violence portrayed in the media.

Helping Children Cope with Violence
Audience: Children
Overview: This is a guide on assisting children with coping with violence portrayed in the media.

Teaching Young Children in Violent Times—Book by Diane Levin
Audience: Children
Overview: A book available for purchase about creating and safe and productive classroom while violent times.

Helping Children Understand Nuclear Threat—Book by Diane Levin
Audience: Children
Overview: A book available for purchase that assess how to answer the difficult questions that may come up when conversing about war and nuclear threat.

From Conflict to Peace Building
Audience: Children
Overview: A book available online that contains “stories of hope and encouragement and of just what early childhood practitioners can do and achieve in the face of adversity.”

Helping Our Kids Through an Uncertain Time
Audience: Children
Overview: This is a guide that seeks to empower adults in children’s lives to settle the uneasiness during wartime.

Your Kids Are Ready to Talk About Israel. Are You?
Audience: Adults
Overview: Our children are listening to how we talk about Israel. We need to be mindful of this and talk to them in an intentional way.

Jerusalem U
Audience: Adults and Teens
Overview: This sector of Jerusalem U seeks to disseminate information regarding Israel to both adults and teens through curricula and educational videos.

Beneath the Helmet
Audience: Teens
Overview: This gives view into the life of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.

Stand with Israel: Support Act Learn
Audience: Varied
Overview: Schusterman Foundation provides a curated list of ways in which to get involved.

Tzvika Levy's Lone Soldier Grab 'n' Go Lesson
Audience: Varied
Overview: "
One distinctive aspect of Tzvika Levy's Lone Soldier Program is that his Good Work is in action and having a huge impact regardless of the military situation in Israel.  The fact that we are engaged in an active war elevates his work and increases our awareness of the needs of his Lone Soldiers."

eJewish Philanthropy—Talking About Israel with Our Students
Audience: Educators
Overview: This article proposes three questions for schools to consider when (re)articulating an approach to Israel education.

eJewish Philanthropy—What Does Israel Education Look Like NOW?
Audience: Educators
Overview: This article provide useful guidelines for educators to follow in leading a discussion about Israel and Gaza with students.