Parent to Parent:

Building New Bridges of Communications and Outreach for Jewish Day Schools

In a competitive educational market, how can day schools and yeshivot most effectively communicate their unique value and impact, and increase student enrollment?

Parents are the greatest advocates for the value of a day school education. As our world increasingly depends upon online and electronic media for seeking and sharing information and building relationships, The Jewish Education Project, with support from UJA Federation of New York, seeks to leverage the powerful voices of parents in day schools and yeshivot through new and expanding avenues for online communications.

“Parent to Parent” will support and empower parents in day schools and yeshivot to communicate their stories and experiences through blogs, facebook, twitter, local and national papers and other social media tools. With the support of “parent to parent”, parents in day schools and yeshivot will work together to expand their relationships with prospective parents, enhancing the outreach and admissions efforts of participating day schools and yeshivot.

"Parent to Parent” will bring the expertise and resources of the Jewish Education Project to participating day schools and yeshivot, including vibrant networks of early childhood centers and synagogues, cutting edge uses of social media, analysis of powerful and relevant data and years of deep experience in family education and engagement.

Through “Parent to Parent,” the Jewish Education Project will enable participating day schools and yeshivot to accomplish the following:

• Develop a plan for parent to parent communications;
• Identify which parents can serve as lead communicators;
• Facilitate relationship building between current day school parents and prospective parents
• Create powerful platforms for parent voices, enabling parent to parent conversations through social media, blogs and other online forums

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For more information on “Parent to Parent” or to schedule an informational meeting at your school, contact Irene Lehrer Sandalow, Program Manager, Parent to Parent Initiative, at or at 646.472.5321.“Parent to Parent” is made possible by a generous grant from the UJA Federation of New York