Assessment in Science: Grades 9-12

Jul 11, 2018 9:00 AM
Jul 12, 2018 4:00 PM

Anshei Sfard
4502 14th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
United States

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In this special 2-day institute about (primarily formative) assessment practices, Catapult presenters will guide teachers through four major segments, described below.

Most importantly, teachers will do more than just “study” assessment practices in this workshop; they will evaluate their own practice—acknowledge strengths and identify areas for growth during the next school year. Many of the activities are quite active and add a twist of fun!

Day 1 AM: Assessment Techniques

  • Refocus on the true purpose of assessment.
  • Evaluate assessment tasks by considering four key criteria: learning goals, depth of knowledge (DOK) to be assessed, ampleness of evidence, and clarity
  • Choose assessment formats based on the type of learning to be assessed.
  • Use a wider range of assessment strategies to break the monotony and better access student thinking.
  • Assess whole classes more efficiently.

Day 1 PM: Assessment Techniques — A Deeper Look at Three Key Formats

  • Develop students’ ability in self-assessment.
  • Design performance tasks as an alternative to testing.
  • Identify and avoid common issues with tests, applying these principles to one of their own tests.

Day 2 AM: Formative Assessment & Adjusting Instruction

  • Distinguish summative and formative assessment, acknowledging the gray area in between.
  • Analyze the role of grading in formative assessment, focusing on ways it can be an obstacle and how to address that issue. 
  • Identify types of errors, break down errors into their root causes.
  • Respond to formative assessment with a variety of timely adjustments to instruction — immediate, near term, last-chance — and monitor for effectiveness.

Day 2 PM: Giving Effective Feedback

  • Understand key research about feedback and distinguish grading from giving feedback.
  • Learn techniques for providing effective, actionable feedback to help students meet learning goals.

    A cholov yisroel lunch will be served with each workshop. 

    Questions? Contact Elana Betaharon

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