Hidden Sparks Presents: Executive Functions and Literacy

Jul 7, 2020 10:00 AM
Jul 8, 2020 11:30 AM

Online Session, New York, New York 10018

Hidden Sparks Executive

This is a two-day online workshop facilitated by Hollis Danaham. Please note that this workshop will be held remotely.
Please note that this workshop is now sold out.

All workshops have a cost unless otherwise indicated. No one will be turned down due to cost. 

Workshop 1: July 7 | 10- 11:30 AM
In this workshop, the following questions will be answered. What are executive functions? How do they affect school performance? What are classroom strategies to support a student who struggles with executive functions?

Workshop 2: July 8 | 10- 11:30 AM
Sometimes students struggle with reading and writing due to weak executive functions (EF). The strategies and interventions that are successful with other root causes of students’ literacy difficulties often do not work when EF is the culprit. Learn about the executive functions required for reading and writing, how to identify a student is struggling with these functions, and what to do about it. You will walk away with a strategy toolkit to use with your students. Strategies relevant to the online learning environment will be discussed. 

This workshop is open to teachers in New York City only, as it is funded by Title IIA. Administrators, paraprofessionals, and P3 providers welcome. Hidden Sparks is a New York State authorized Continuing Teacher and Leader Education Provider.

This workshop grants CTLE credits in the English Language Learning category. Please note that CTLE credits must be requested in advance. In order to receive the credits, you must be logged in for the entire duration of the workshop, have your video camera on, and be in the frame.

Please note, once you have registered, we cannot refund your order.

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Hollis Dannaham, M.Ed., is a senior coach, mentor and workshop facilitator at Hidden Sparks. She has been empowering complex learners for 30 years as a learning specialist, special educator, administrator, and consultant in public, private, and charter schools. Hollis created Transform Boundaries, an organization dedicated to helping schools create programs and creative solutions for reaching their complex learners. She served as the Director of Academic Intervention at Explore Charter School and co-created the Carmel Alternative High School for at-risk teens. Hollis also worked as a learning specialist at the Student Success Center of All Kinds of Minds.

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