Hebrew Language Comprehensive Exam (HLCE)


  • Click here for the 2019 Contract.

  • The deadline to submit the contract is Friday, May 10, 2019.

    • The fee is $ 9.00 per exam.

    • The fee is $ 19.00 per exam for orders placed after the deadline.

  • The deadline to submit payment is Friday, May 31, 2019.

    • Test materials will not be shipped until all open invoices for the exam have been paid.


  • The scheduled date is Monday, June 24, 2019 at 9:15 AM.

    • There is no alternate or make-up date.

  • The Part 1 Oral/Speaking Section must be administered prior to June 24th.

  • All test materials must be kept in a securely locked safe until the day of the exam.

    • Approximately one week prior to administration, test materials will be shipped via UPS to each school’s Delivery Contact.

    • The Exam Coordinator or Principal should immediately open the shipment to make sure there was no tampering with materials and that the correct number of exams were included. Please alert Sloane Gray immediately of any problems.

    • The shipment is then to be re-sealed until the day of the exam.

  • Administration must follow NYS Regents Regulations.

    • Anything that might compromise the validity of the exam must be immediately reported to Sara Seligson.

  • Answer sheets are included with the test booklets and do not require scanning.  They might, however, be subject to a random review of their scoring.

  • Scoring keys will be e-mailed to participating schools after 12:00 Noon on June 24th.


In June 2011, the NY State Education Department (NYSED) stopped providing Regents Examinations in most foreign languages, including Hebrew. To fill the gap, The Jewish Education Project offers the Hebrew Language Comprehensive Exam (HLCE) which:

  • Is developed by members of the team of educators which prepared the NYS Regents for 16 years.

  • Satisfies the requirement of competency in a foreign language resulting in credit towards a Regents Diploma with Advanced Standing.

  • Is used by the New York City Department of Education and the Foreign Language Association of Chairpersons and Supervisors (FLACS) as their exam to assess Hebrew language competency.

There are 4 parts to the Exam:

1. Speaking – administered prior to the date scheduled for the rest of the Exam
2. Listening
3. Reading
4. Writing

Scoring Point Distribution:

  • Speaking = 24 credits (12 credits per task)
  • Listening = 26 credits (2 credits per question)
  • Reading = 30 credits (2 credits per question)
  • Writing = 20 credits (10 credits per essay)


Sample test - This document is the 2017 exam and includes the scoring key.

NYC DOE 2017 Changes in Comprehensive Language Exams – This document lists changes to Parts 2-4 and scoring distribution.  It does include a few samples.

NYC DOE 2017 Part 4 Sampler - This document provides more comprehensive samples for the new change to the Part 4 essay.

Old Regents Hebrew Exams – The 2002-2008 Comprehensive Examination in Hebrew can be downloaded directly from this NYSED Office of Assessment page.

NYSED Office of Assessment Website – All Regents-related memos and schedules (including the date for foreign language exams) can be found on the site.

FLACS – Foreign Language Exams for French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese may be ordered through FLACS.  Membership fees and guidelines will be found on their site.

If you have questions about the HLCE process, please contact Shelley Hill, Project Manager.