Transforming Your Math Classroom

Facilitator: Chanie Hurwitz
Format: In Person


Join a professional math learning community. The sessions will focus on transforming your classroom by making intentional decisions informed by deep understanding of both math concepts and your students. The focus will be on number sense, the magic behind algorithms, and why students struggle with word problems and how to help them. We will use this knowledge to make positive changes in our classrooms through hands-on learning and real-life application in a small-group, student-centered environment.

Meet other teachers as you try out new ideas, troubleshoot problems, and most importantly, uncover your students’ (and your own!) innate number sense and love for math.

Additional information:

Participants must commit to attending the five morning sessions.

This network is designed for elementary school math teachers and math coordinators.

About the facilitator:

As a consultant, Chanie Hurwitz works with principals and teachers to deepen math content knowledge and improve math instruction in K-8 classrooms. Chanie believes that every student and teacher can develop math confidence and be a successful learner of mathematics.


From a teacher, after attending the first session last year:

I did a soft implementation of the math centers today. It was a huge success - every student was engaged, every student understood the lesson, and every student had at least 95% accuracy. I asked them to write their feedback on the lesson and everyone loved it! Can’t wait for the next workshop!

From a principal:

Chanie encouraged the teachers to adopt a more progressive and engaging methodology of teaching math. The teachers came back with so many innovative ideas which they implemented into the math program.

From a parent:

Not only does she feel good because she sees herself succeeding, but she feels good because she knows what she’s doing. She’s never felt that she’s “bad” at math this year. If she came in that way she quickly changed her mindset when she saw how much her teachers believe in her.


Five morning sessions between October and May, dates to be decided by the group


9:00am - 12:00pm

Designed for:

Educator / Teacher / Youth Professional


In Person

New members:

New members

Geographic Region:

Long Island
Staten Island

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