NY State Regents Examinations

The Jewish Education Project has partnered with Eastern Suffolk BOCES (BOCES) to assist the Jewish (and other non-public) day schools in all processes related to Regents answer sheets which are no longer provided in the Regents test booklets.

As a consequence of school closures and distance learning due to Coronavirus COVID-19, all June 2020 and August 2020 Regents were cancelled.

By the first week in August 2020, schools must have properly locked and processed the Level 0 Demographic and Enrollment Records for any new student (one who was not in last year's Level 0 but took an August 2019, January 2020, or would have been exempt from a June 2020 Regents exam). This will allow enough time for a NYSSIS ID to be created for the students.

By noon, August 20, 2020, schools must have properly locked and processed all 2020 graduation data and Assessment Records (for students who took any Regents exam prior to June 2020 but had not been listed in that exam's Level 2 Report). Once Level 0 closes for the year on the morning of August 21st, Level 0 data will no longer be processed and it will no longer be possible to make any changes in Level 0 to correct any Level 2 report. It is extremely important to make sure the Level 0 data is correct and that your Level 2 reports are accurate long before August 20th so that you will have enough time to enter any changes to correct any Level 2 inaccuracies (see below for guidelines to checking Level 2 reports).

By October 2020, schools must have properly locked and processed the Level 0 Assessment Records for all students who are deemed exempt from a June 2020 Regents (one Assessment Record per exam for each student; ex. a student who is deemed exempt from 5 June 2020 exams is to have 5 Assessment Records).

The nysed has a website where you will find all memos related to the cancellation of exams and graduation & diploma information.
The following PRE-COVID-19 guidelines are still listed for informational purposes of the process.


A school must order answer sheets if any of its students will be taking any Regents Exams.  To completely place its order, a school must submit 3 items: 1) a contract; 2) a pre-print file; and 3) payment.

Required Item 1 - Contract:

  • To submit the June 2020 contract, click here.
  • The deadline to submit the contract is Friday, May 8, 2020

Required Item 2 - Pre-Print File:

  1. Click here to view/download and print the State Course Code Chart.

    • Note: There is a different code for the new Global History II - New Framework exam.

    • Note: There is a different code for the new US History - Framework exam.

  2. Click here to view/download the June2020 pre-print file template.  

  3. Complete the template and save it as a regular Excel file (.xls or .xlsx).  Please add your school name to the title.

  4. Save the file again in the .csv format. DO NOT REOPEN the .csv file in Excel. If you must make changes, edit the regular Excel file and then re-save it as a .csv file.

  5. E-mail the .csv file to Shelley Hill.

  6. The deadline to submit the pre-print file is

    • Friday, April 24, 2020 - if ordering the new US History Framework Exam

    • Friday, May 8, 2020 - if not ordering the new US History Framework Exam


  • Overall Service Fee - $ 7.50 per answer sheet

    • Invoices are based on the totals submitted in the pre-print file (not the contract) and will be e-mailed to the school after its pre-print file has been processed.

    • The deadline to submit payment is Monday, June 1, 2020.

    • Even if the answer sheet is not used, the fee must be paid.

    • Schools will be invoiced $ 7.50 for each additional answer sheet scanned above the total number of answer sheets ordered.

  • Quality Control Fee - $ 2.00 per answer sheet

  • Late Fee - $ 17.50 per answer sheet ordered after the deadline has passed

    • If a school does not order answer sheets but its students take exams and the answer sheets are submitted for scanning, the school will be invoiced $ 17.50 per sheet.


  • Full payment of all fees (overall, quality control, and/or late).

  • Entering new students and locking data into Level 0.

    • Click here to view/download a document on maintaining Level 0 data.

    • Each Fall, The Jewish Education Project Day School Team begins the process of promoting the schools’ previous year’s students by requesting verification from each school.

    • Level 0 must be properly locked with the files created for Level 1 to ensure that the data is uploaded and processed.

    • Records added or changed after Level 0 closes for the school year will not be processed. Level 0 closes for the year on August 21st so the data should be entered by noon of August 20th.

      • A note of caution: Entering data the week of the deadline (or the week before) means there will not be any opportunity to review the Level 2 reports to make sure the data entered at the last minute was properly processed. And once data is no longer processed from Level 0, it is no longer possible to change the Level 2 reports.

  • Submitting pre-print files of students requiring answer sheets.

    • The sheets will be pre-printed with the data included in the pre-print file.

  • Scoring the answer sheets.

    • Each school must log into the Online Exam Ordering System in the NYSED Portal to view the list of exams the school ordered.

    • The passwords for each exam will be listed next to the name of that exam.  The password should be selected and copied.

    • The school must then go to the NYSED's Office of State Assessment's Scoring Information page and click on the link for the correct Regents administration.

    • Each exam will be linked to the scoring key.  Paste the copied password to open the appropriate scoring key.

  • Performing quality control on the scored answer sheets.

  • Submitting the scored answer sheets for scanning.

  • Entering graduation data in Level 0 for high school students who have earned their Regents diploma.

  • Reviewing ASAP and Level 2 reports for accuracy.


The NYSED stopped providing answer sheets with the NYS test booklets in 2011. To receive answer sheets and access to the Student Information Repository System (SIRS), schools must partner with a Regional Information Center (RIC).


  • SIRS / Level 0 – the warehouse/database where all student data is maintained. For the Regents Exams, schools will create 1 Demographic Record and 1 Enrollment Record for each student.

  • Level 1 – where the processed data from Level 0 is stored (schools do not have access).

  • Level 2 – where all processed Level 1 data for each school is stored and what NYS Mandated Services will access for reimbursing schools’ claims. In Level 2, schools can access their:

    • Regents Score Reports

    • Graduation Reports

      • In June 2016, NYSED stopped requiring schools to submit paper graduation reports for 12th graders. Instead, schools must change specific fields in each graduating student’s Level 0 Demographic and Enrollment Records which will then be processed into the Level 2 report.

Test Booklets

Test booklets for all Regents Exams must be ordered via the NYSED Portal. Schools are notified directly from NYSED in a memo when the ordering period begins and ends. Login data is assigned by the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). When placing the order, please select Eastern Suffolk BOCES as your RIC. If you have trouble accessing the Portal, please contact SEDDAS.

Answer sheets

Guidelines for ordering sheets can be found in the above section - Ordering Answer Sheets. In general, the notification for ordering answer sheets is e-mailed to schools in:

  • Mid-November – for January Regents Exams administration (deadline in December)

  • Mid-March – for June Regents Exams administration (deadline April)

  • Late-June – for August Regents Exams administration (deadline July).


BOCES Website - From the Secure menu, each of the following can be selected:

NYSED Office of State Assessment Website – Memos related to all aspects of the administration of Regents Exams can be found on the site, including:

NYSED Office of Curriculum & Instruction Website – Memos related to all aspects of the administration of Regents Exams can be found on the site, including:

EngageNY – created and maintained by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to support the implementation of key aspects of the New York State Board of Regents Reform Agenda.


If you have questions about the Regents process, please contact Shelley Hill, Project Manager.