NY State Testing Program

The Jewish Education Project has partnered with Eastern Suffolk BOCES (BOCES) to assist the Jewish (and other non-public) day schools in all processes related to Grades 3-8; NYSESLAT; or NYSITELL answer sheets which are no longer provided by New York State Education Department (NYSED) in the test booklets.


A school must order answer sheets if any of its students will be taking any of the Grades 3-8; NYSESLAT; or NYSITELL tests.  

To submit the 2020 contract, click here.

The deadline is Monday, December 2, 2019.


Payment for the 2020 Contract may be submitted in 3 installments:

  1. Payment = 50% of the Grand Total - due Monday, December 2, 2019
  2. Payment = 30% of the balance - due Thursday, January 2, 2020
  3. Payment = final 20% of the Grand Total - due Monday, February 3, 2020

    • ELA / Math / Science - $ 13.00 per test

    • NYSESLAT - $ 20.00 per test

    • NYSITELL - $ 7.00 per test
    • ELA / Math / Grade 4 Science - $ 24.00 per test

    • Grade 8 Science - $ 27.00 per test

    • NYSESLAT - $ 30.00 per test

  • LATE

    • Orders placed after December 2, 2019 - $ 100

    • Orders placed within 10 days of exam administration - $ 500


    • Answer sheets requiring correction for quality control errors (ex. "missing" bubbles) - $ 3.00 per answer sheet  


    • After BOCES has printed answer sheets, cancellation of the order will reduce the invoiced fee to $ 5.00 per test.



The NYSED stopped providing answer sheets with the NYS test booklets in 2011. To receive answer sheets and access to the Student Information Repository System (SIRS), schools must partner with a Regional Information Center (RIC).


  • SIRS / Level 0 – the warehouse/database where all student data is maintained. For the Grades 3-8 Tests, schools will create 1 Demographic Record and 1 Enrollment Record for each student. For the NYSESLAT tests, schools will create 1 Demographic Record, 1 Enrollment Record, and 3 Program Fact Records for each student.

  • Level 1 – where the processed data from Level 0 is stored (schools do not have access).

  • Level 2 – where all processed Level 1 data for each school is stored and what NYS Mandated Services will access for reimbursing schools’ claims. In Level 2, schools can access their score reports.

Test Booklets

Test booklets for all Grades 3-8 and NYSITELL tests must be ordered via the NYSED Portal. Schools are notified directly from NYSED when the ordering period begins and ends. Login data is assigned by the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). When placing the order, please select Eastern Suffolk BOCES as your RIC. If you have trouble accessing the Portal, please contact SEDDAS.  Administrators who require additional ELA or Math test materials after the order deadline must contact Questar Assessment, Inc. directly with their requests.

Test booklets for all NYSESLAT Tests must be ordered via MetriTech (1-800-747-4868).  Please be advised that schools are required to provide a CD audio player for the administration of the Grades 3-12 Listening section.

Answer sheets

Guidelines for ordering sheets can be found in the above section - Ordering Answer Sheets. In general, the notification for ordering answer sheets is e-mailed to schools in late October.


BOCES Website - From the Secure menu, each of the following can be selected:

NYSED Office of Curriculum & Instruction Website – Memos related to all aspects of the administration of NYS Testing can be found on the site.

EngageNY – created and maintained by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to support the implementation of key aspects of the New York State Board of Regents Reform Agenda.

If you have questions about the NYS Testing Program process, please contact Nabila Levian, Project Manager.