Networks & Consulting in Congregational Learning

Peer Networks

Innovators need innovators. We have all learned to rely on one another to spark our thinking and to spread innovative ideas and practice among colleagues. We are pioneering new ground and experimenting with various aspects of our new model work. Peer Networks provide a framework for regular conversation with colleagues to inspire and motivate as we gain support and forward momentum for our continued work. The more that we can be in conversation with one another to share and improve practice, the stronger we will be individually and as a group.

The Jewish Education Project facilitates more than 45 Networks, many of which focus on Congregational Learning, some of which look at Bridge models and cross-institutional collaboration, and still others that are open to all educators, regardless of where they work.

Visit our Networks section to learn more.

Note: Some Networks still have rolling enrollment and our next open enrollment will be in the late Spring of 2017. All information can be found in our Networks section.

Personalized Consulting

Research shows that educational directors and leadership teams name individualized consulting as one of the most highly valued resources that has been a critical factor in supporting congregations that are innovating. Individualized Consulting provides congregations with educational consulting services customized for the congregation’s needs. Consultants are there to help education directors and congregations build and strengthen new educational models and to focus on educational innovation. Congregations may choose to focus on creating or updating an educational vision, building leadership and a culture of experimentation, professional learning, and assessment. For more information, please contact Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith, our Director of Congregational Learning, at