Educational Testing

The Jewish Education Project helps make the New York State educational exams more accessible to meaningful, seamless, and feasible for Jewish day schools by connecting schools to the NYS student data warehouse; facilitating test taking, marking, and scoring, and scanning; analyzing the test results for improved instruction; and advocating for government and private resources to reduce costs. Additionally, The Jewish Education Project creates exclusive exams for High School Placement and Hebrew Language.

Tests include:

    NYS Testing: Grades 3-8: ELA, Math, and Science; NYSESLAT; NYSITELL

    • Schools choose to administer the New York State 3-8 Testing Program to measure their overall educational effectiveness and review the performance levels of their students for improvement. The Jewish Education Projects enables more than 120 schools to participate in the program.
    • Schools choose to administer the NYSESLAT exam in order to assess the English language proficiency of students who have been identified as English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners (ELLs/MLLs). More than 30 schools utilize this exam through The Jewish Education Project.
    • Schools choose to administer the NYSITELL exam in order to identify ELLs/MLLs. The NYSITELL should be administered to eligible students only once - when the students enroll in the school.
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    NYS Regents Examinations

    Hebrew Language Comprehensive Exam

    Yeshiva High School Placement Exam (BJE’s)

    • The Jewish Education Project produces and administers a standardized placement exam for Jewish high schools every November in locations throughout the city. Approximately 1,700 eighth graders take the Judaic and general studies multiple-choice exam every year.
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