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The Jewish Education Project is actively tracking trends and opportunities related to educational innovation. We have also learned a great deal from our previous projects and have gleaned significant insights and resources that are valuable to share. Through curated resources and original research, we help educators and Jewish communal leaders better understand – and more effectively address – how to adapt models, respond to new research, and hold onto the best of what we have already re-imagined.

You can browse or sort through our resources below and you will find them spread throughout our site, labeled Related Resources.

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Site Visit Journal
This Site Visit Journal will help you understand one particular community's approach through the eyes of their educational leaders. To delve deeper into this innovative approach, be sure to check-out our Resource Guide, linked on the right and at the end of this page. North Shore Synagogue, Syosset, NY Nature-based LearningOctober 2015, Update 2016Barbara Flack, School Director
Educational Technology
EdTech to get your students thinking more deeply about Passover and beyond.
Site Visit Journal
The Brotherhood Synagogue Nursery School is based on the social/ emotional theory that children learn by doing. Through active involvement in their environment, children add pieces of information to what they already know, thereby generating new ideas about the world around them.
Site Visit Journal
The Reggio approach was introduced to the Preschool in 2008. Both the enrollment growth and program enrichment have been exciting as well as demanding. It is a clear reflection of the quality of the teachers, their deepening understanding of the Reggio approach, and the investment in their growth.
Resource Guide
Teens Thrive is a series a of workshops, designed to help Jewish educators understand their role in helping teens grow into thriving young adults. The Thrive Drive includes resources and follow-up materials from presenters at our Symposium for Jewish Professionals and signals the beginning of a resource directory that will be built from each of the programs in our series.
Educator Spotlight
Find out how students are creating products to solve real-world problems.
I*mpact Now was a year-long study developed to tell the “Story of Impact” of innovative models already created by The Coalition of Innovating Congregations at The Jewish Education Project, and to support congregations in continuing to develop these and other models.
Resource Guide
A resourced guide curated by the Early Childhood and Family Engagement Team of the Jewish Education Project. Points you toward the resources that our expert team finds valuable.
Not able to attend the Happiness Hacks Conference? Attended, but want to review and share with others? You'll find recordings from several of our sessions and others will be added in the weeks to come. Enjoy!