Pride & Prejudice: Video Recordings


Unable to attend our Jewish Futures Conference, Pride & Prejudice? Attended, but want to review and share with others? You'll find recordings below from many of the sessions, presented in the order they occurred.

You have three choices for how to view the conference:

  1. The first player below is our YouTube playlist and will allow you to watch one video after another or choose from the built-in dropdown menu.
  2. If you want to browse through them, then continue down the page and you'll find each video on its own and can go in any order you want.
  3. And if you have some time and want the full experience, at the end you'll find two compilation videos* - one for the morning and one for the afternoon. *Please note that due to prior arrangements, Bari Weiss only appears in the morning compilation.


Click on the 3 line menu in the top right corner (just below) to access any video in the playlist or scroll down the page.



Welcome and Framing | DAVID BRYFMAN

Chief Executive Officer, The Jewish Education Project


Collective Trauma, Collective Growth: Building Resilience Through Education | REBECCA STONE

LCSW, CHT, Psychotherapist, and Performance Coach

Click to view a PDF of Rebecca Stone's slides.


My Journey from Extremism to An Empowered and Compassionate Life | SHANNON FOLEY MARTINEZ

Educator, Consultant, and Former Violent White Supremacist


We Fight, But We Don’t Let the Fight Define Us | ARIEL BURGER

Author, Teacher, Artist


Hebrew Mamita | VANESSA HIDARY

Spoken Word Artist/Solo Performer

This video contains language that may be offensive to some viewers.


Trolling The Trolls: Turning the Tables on Online Anti-Semitism | YAIR ROSENBERG

Senior Writer, Tablet Magazine


From The Heart of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood: The Power of Interfaith Dialogue | RABBI RON SYMONS and REVEREND LIDDY BARLOW

Sr. Director of Jewish Life, JCC of Greater Pittsburgh
Executive Minister of Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania


Igniting Beloved Community From Within | YAEL SHY and MELISSA CARTER

Senior Director, NYU's Global Spiritual Life and Mindful NYU
Associate Director, Global Spiritual Life at NYU



Director, Knowledge and Ideas, The Jewish Education Project


Below you'll find a video combining the morning's four presentations and one combining the afternoon's six presentations.

Morning Compilation

Afternoon Compilation


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