Independent & Public School Support

The New York Education Initiative (NYEI), is Greater New York City’s resource center about Jewish people, Judaism, Jewish History and Israel for public, independent, and faith-based schools. Embedded in The Jewish Education Project, NYEI seeks to amplify the voices of New York’s Jewish communities in education coalitions, work with school and district leaders to promote an inclusive and safe K-12 school environment and ensure accurate instruction. NYEI proactively prevents bias, discrimination and hate in schools, and supports school communities in responding to antisemitic incidents as needed. The initiative serves as a hub for collaboration on best practices including professional development and curricular materials promoting Jewish representation and belonging in schools.  


Scholar-in-Residence Workshop Topics
Resources for International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Resources for Educators: Addressing the Israel-Hamas War
U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism
NYC Public Schools: Parents' Guide to Recourse for Antisemitic Incident
Legal Recourse to Antisemitism:  US Office of Civil Rights
Downloadable NYEI Flyer

Together with our Coalition partners, the New York Education Initiative Offers: 
• Strategic, confidential consultations for school, district and network leaders on Jewish inclusion, representation and belonging.   
• Presentations to administrators, faculty and staff, parents, students, and other stakeholders on:               
        • Antisemitism 101
        • Jewish cultures and identities in NYC 
        • Modern manifestations of antisemitism 
        • Creating a welcoming, safe educational environment for students of all faiths and none 
        • Supporting diverse communities in the aftermath of the war in Israel
        • Including responsive and representative curricular materials in:
             - social studies
             - ELA
             - social-emotional learning
        • Responding to identity-based hatred: how to be an upstander 

• Problem solving for school leaders and parents following an antisemitic incident: 
        • navigating potential disciplinary responses
        • reporting
        • community messaging
        • healing by hearing diverse perspectives and re-building trust
        • preventing future incidents 

• Support challenging conversations among stakeholders including parents, teachers, and administrators around issues of identity-based hatred or discrimination
• Customized professional development sessions for staff
• Workshops for school communities, including parents, students, faculty, and administration
• Facilitated town halls and restorative justice circles
• Tips for supporting Jewish students beyond the classroom
• Referrals and introductions to other organizations  
• Flexible scheduling: Ongoing series or one-off, In person or virtual 

Our consultations and presentations are customized to the dynamics and culture of your school community and based on creating an open and supportive relationship across difference. The New York Education Initiative is your thought partner in designing the offering most responsive to your needs. 

For additional information, support in addressing an incident, or a free strategic consultation on preventing and responding to antisemitism and/or anti-Zionism in educational institutions, email: 
Rina Cohen Schwarz, at