Who We Are



Our Vision is for Jewish youth and their families to engage in Jewish educational experiences that enable them to thrive as Jews and in the world. 

Our Mission is to inspire and empower educators to create transformative Jewish experiences.

Through leadership training, professional development, and other support and resources for Jewish educators, we empower them to help their students and families thrive. The educators we engage come from diverse Jewish backgrounds, and they work with students from ages 0 to 18 in early childhood centers, congregations, day schools and yeshivot, in youth programs, and emerging spaces. 

Our Values

  1. We inspire intentional learning communities
  2. We promote growth and development
  3. We respect where people are and offer a map of possibility
  4. We honor tradition and embrace change
  5. We strive for excellence through innovation
  6. We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion

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