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Today in North America, congregational learning is where the largest number of Jewish children receive their Jewish education. Through leadership coaching, peer networks and microgrants, our work helps local clergy and education directors respond to some of the greatest challenges facing today’s learners and families. Together, we’re ensuring that Jewish learning remains relevant and meaningful in the 21st century.

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The following articles, teaching resources, videos, and websites have been selected in tandem with our Jewish Futures Conference 2019, Pride and Prejudice: Jewish Education Amid Growing Anti-Semitism.
Our new report, GenZ Now: Understanding and Connecting with Jewish Teens Today, is now available for download. The survey responses of 17,576 Jewish teens provides a heretofore unprecedented understanding into who these teens are, what they care about and want, and what the Jewish community can do to enhance their lives as people, and as Jews.
How can we deepen our students' exposure to the arts and how can we do so in a rich and meaningful way? What is the connection between neuroscience and the arts and how might that influence how we incorporate the arts into our programs or argue for them in our budgets? How does an Arts-based Jewish educational model differ from wonderful but episodic Arts-based experiences?

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Learn more about The Jewish Education Project's groundbreaking research on GenZ Jewish teens at this special event at The Midway Jewish Center.

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Oct 3, 2019
David Bryfman
Jewish education cannot be a place sounding only alarm bells and modeling defensive posturing, writes CEO David Bryfman.