Teen Engagement


We believe bar/bat mitzvah is an important step, but we also believe it should serve as a launch pad for further Jewish engagement in the teen years. We help create meaningful Jewish experiences for teens, enabling them to discover answers to core questions of adolescence: “Who am I? To Whom and to What am I connected, To whom and for What am I responsible in this world? How can I make a difference in this world?”  Through microgrants, exciting summer programs, and Israel education workshops, our partnerships with leading organizations give educators and youth leaders tools to create inspiring environments that motivate Jewish teens to be their best selves. We also believe that teen engagement is a year round experience and have worked for several years in ensuring that Jewish teens have an opportunity to spend their summers in immersive experiences in Israel and around the country.

We support our educators and their institutions through the Generation Now Fellowship & Research, Professional Development, and more.

Learn more about the resources we provide educators here on our Educator Portal.