JUMP-START Jewish Ed: Retool for 2018-2019

Aug 28, 2018 9:30 AM
Aug 28, 2018 2:00 PM

The Jewish Education Project 520 8th Ave , 15th Fl , NEw York , New York 10018

RegistERFEE: $18

Deep dive

Take a deep dive into best practices that will help you design impactful learning experiences geared towards thriving. Whether you are a seasoned education director or youth professional, new in your position, or new in the field, this is an opportunity to connect with colleagues and jump-start your year. Using the latest strategies, tools, and resources, we will address the following key questions:

  • What can thriving in Jewish education look like and how can it be applied to your work?
  • How do you examine and evaluate your educational model?
  • What is Whole Person Learning and how can you use it to design powerful learning experiences?

  • What are tools for Data, Communication, Reflection, and Social Connectors (The Four Boosters) and how can you use these tools to boost your educational model?

  • What have we learned from the Generation Now research and how does it shape our work?

FEE: $18


Sample break-out sessions include:

Educational Models:
Learn how to examine and evaluate your current educational model and how to decide which model type will best serve your community. You will be introduced to a variety of educational models as well as the rich resources available to you through The Jewish Education Project. (This session is geared to education directors)

Whole Person Learning: When we use Whole Person Learning, we design educational experiences that will impact the learner’s sense of Belonging, as well as what the learner will Know, Do, and Believe (Value). This session will introduce you to a wealth of tools and resources that will guide you in creating powerful learning experiences based on Whole Person Learning. (This session is for any educator or youth advisor)

The Four Boosters: Planning how you will use Data, Communication, Reflection, and Social Connectors is essential. Become familiar with the strategies, tools and resources available for these “Four Boosters” and learn how you can use these to boost your educational model.  (This session is for any educator or youth advisor)

Generation Now: Learn about the Generation Now research and how it shapes our work. You will learn both the theory and the practical take-away from this research. (This session is geared to educators and youth advisors who work with teens)


JUMP-START is for all youth professionals and K-12 educators in part-time settings.
For more information contact Ellen Rank.


This is part of the YouTHrive series of workshops, designed to help Jewish educators understand their role in helping youth grow into thriving young adults.

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