Adapting Podcast: Israel Education in a Post-October 7th World

Jewish education is and has always been, at the very heart of shaping identity and the Jewish future. So what does Jewish education look like in a post-October 7th world, and why is it more important now than ever? How do we navigate history and current events with children given the rise in global antisemitism? What tools can we provide them with amidst a war in Israel? Listen to this limited series with David Bryfman and various expert guests on Adapting: The Future of Jewish Education, and be on the lookout for future episodes. Click the links below or listen on Apple or Spotify

Everyone Counts: Redeeming the Captives

Clare Goldwater and Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz discuss their educational campaign, Everyone Counts, which they started during the war in partnership with The Jewish Education Project to share resources with those wanting to raise awareness of the hostages but are not sure where to start.

No School is Immune to Antisemitism

A multi-faceted conversation with Jonathan Cannon, head of Ramaz School, demonstrates that even deeply religious and Zionist schools are not immune to the ripple effects of October 7th.

The Heart-Head-Hand of Israel Education

How has October 7th impacted your connection to Israel? Since then, is there someone you have been holding in your heart? These are just some of the questions Dr. Jonathan Golden of Wellspring Leadership Initiatives incorporates in his Israel education paradigm of using the heart (feelings), head (questions), and hand (thoughts) to have these important conversations.

All Changes Great and Small in Education

Laura Shaw Frank of AJC discusses teaching history and current events while ensuring moral clarity remains center stage, responsible speech versus free speech, and stories from school that will shock you. At the end of the day, though, oftentimes it's the small actions that can have great impact that matter most.