Game Based Learning

With Young Pioneer Award Recipient, Ariella Falack

Ariella met with educators in the Game Based Learning network once a month to discuss gaming in a Judaic environment. They met online and guest speakers shared their knowledge about gaming in education. As a final task, educators were challenged to create their own games as a way to teach new material or assess content learned.

Please watch the short videos below, that the participants created, and give us your feedback:

  • Do you think you could use a game like this in your classroom?

  • Would you be interested in iterating the game to meet your classroom's needs?

Share your feedback with Ariella at


  • Unwrap the Present Quest to Assess Parashat HaShavua
    Vicky Kairy is a 2nd grade Judaic Studies teacher at Barkai Yeshivah

  • I Spy to Practice Dikduk (video narration is in Hebrew)
    Keren Chaya is a 1st grade Ivrit teacher at Barkai Yeshivah

  • Sight Word Twister
    Ginette Chalom teaches Kindergarten at Barkai Yeshivah

  • Counting Chocolate Chips to Teach Berachot
    Denise Setton is a nursery teacher at Magen David Yeshivah

  • Mitzvah Building Game
    Judy Kropf is from Temple Israel in Croton, NY