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June 2019, January 2017 and May 2016

June 2019: GenZ Now - Understanding Jewish Teens Today

Who are today’s Jewish teens, and what do they care about? With nearly 18,000 respondents, GenZ Now: Understanding and Connecting with Jewish Teens Today, is the largest study of Jewish teens ever conducted in North America, conducted in partnership with 14 diverse Jewish Youth-Serving Organizations.

GenZ Now co-author Arielle Levites, Ph.D. in conversation with The Jewish Education Project's Susan Wachsstock, discuss key findings from the report, implications for the field and potential opportunities to enhance teen engagement and help Jewish teens thrive in today's world.


Arielle Levites, Ph.D.

Dr. Arielle Levites, Ph.D., is incoming Managing Director of CASJE (Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education). Levites has received numerous awards and has published widely on Jewish education, Jewish campus life, and Jewish millennials. Her most recent publication is GenZ Now: Understanding and Connecting with Jewish Teens Today, which she co-authored with Dr. Liat Sayfan of Rosov Consulting. Currently, Levites is the Golda Och Postdoctoral Fellow at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses and lectures on contemporary American Jewish life.

Susan Holzman Wachsstock

Susan Wachsstock is incoming Chief Program Officer (CPO) of The Jewish Education Project. Currently Managing Director of Jewish Education and Engagement for the New York-based organization, Susan’s portfolio includes oversight of several grants and initiatives in the Jewish Teen engagement space –including the New York Teen Initiative, Generation Now Fellowship, and the GenZ Now Study --through grants from UJA-Federation of New York, the Jim Joseph Foundation, and others in the Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative.

Based on the original Gen Now Research

January 2017: What Now? Generation Now - Moving from Research to Action

The Generation Now Research report, released in 2016, provided a new framework from which to view Jewish teen programming. But what happens next? During this webinar, we will:

  • Review the 14, field-tested outcomes along with accompanying indicators and measurement tools
  • Connect Jewish teen program providers around the country
  • Begin to think about how these outcomes necessitate a shift in thinking about teen engagement
  • Strategize how to get other stakeholders on board with the changes that these outcomes signify

We apologize but the recording was started after the introduction.


Our first Gen Now webinar

May 2016: What Now? Generation Now - Moving from Research to Action


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GenZ Now: Understanding and Connecting with Jewish Teens Today, is based on 17,576 Jewish teen responses and provides a heretofore unprecedented understanding into who these teens are, what they care about and want, and what the Jewish community can do to enhance their lives as people, and as Jews.
UNDERSTANDING AND ENGAGING JEWISH TEENS TODAY. Learn where our current work with Teen professionals is taking the 14 Outcomes. Resources relating to engaging Jewish teens have been assembled here.

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