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Since 2009, a treasury of resources has been created by The Jewish Education Project and it's partners, to support educators and their teams in congregational settings as they design and implement innovative models of education. If you are an educator or lay leader in any Jewish setting, we encourage you to review these resources and to use them as guides as you develop your own new educational model(s).

In addition to our selected resources, you may want to check out the TOOLBOX (also in the right column) from our partners at the Experiment in Congregational Education at HUC-JIR. It contains many of our resources and a number of other useful tools and guides.

You will also find them linked throughout the four parts of our Innovation and Models section, which is where you are now.. 


  • The LOMED Handbook: The materials in this handbook, published in 2011, are designed to help leaders in congregations create powerful Jewish learning experiences, for a life well lived.

  • Coalition Handbook Vol. II: Volume II of the Handbook builds on the LOMED Handbook reflects the broader range of congregations working together and shares the collective knowledge that was gained from 2011-2013.


These tools have been developed and used throughout our I*Express Innovation process. A number of these tools have been adapted from our work with the Express Innovation initiative.

guides & tools for model selection

From Prototype to Pilot to Model

ongoing tools 

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A tagged searchable collection of resources from work over the last 20 years with nearly 200 congregations done by the Experiment in Congregational Education’s (ECE).
Resource Guide
As you move from prototype to pilot to model, the Four Change Boosters will help you (1) collect and utilize data; (2) tap into the power of social connectors to build stronger relationships; (3) better communicate your story and listen to ideas of your stakeholders; and (4) reflect on what you have learned and consider how to build on your experience.  

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