Jewish Education in a Scary World

In January of 2015, The Jewish Education Project convened an important conversation and webinar about recent and mounting events in the world. At that time we also gathered selected resources for educators who want to engage their students in thoughtful, age-appropriate conversations around tolerance, baseless hatred, antisemitism, and standing up for what's right even when it's hard.

The webinar conversation centered on how Jewish educators could or should respond to the events in France and around the world. Our panel of educators with diverse experiences and perspectives, explored how educational leaders and teachers could address sensitive and scary topics with youth of all ages and what concrete things educators could do for their learners and communities.

The webinar was led by Dr. David Bryfman, Chief Innovation Officer at The Jewish Education Project, in conversation with Simon Klarfeld, Peter Nelson, Dr. Brigitte Sion, Dr. Emily Amie Witty and Rabbi Elizabeth Wood.

Review the extended Q&A from several of our panelists.

Find resources…

…for elementary school students
…for middle and high school students  
…for high school students only
…for educators of any age group

If you would like to recommend other resources for this list or comment on your own use of these resources, please email Gregg Alpert, Director, Online Educational Content at

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