Video | High Five: Jewish Learning that Nurtures the Whole Person

The High Five is a story of innovation and success. It shows Jewish education that matters for 21st century learners. In our rapidly changing world, Jewish education cannot happen only in a classroom. Just fostering knowledge or good experiences is not enough. Leading experts in Jewish education and identity development tell us that the goal of Jewish education is to nurture the whole person.

In this video, Dr. Jeffrey Kress (The Jewish Theological Seminary), Dr. Bethamie Horowitz (New York University) and Dr. David Bryfman (The Jewish Education Project), describe the five things - The High Five - that Jewish educators can do to fully nurture their learners and make a difference in their lives, using examples from the work of The Jewish Education Project with congregations throughout the New York area. 


When recommend using the full version above when showing this to teachers or lay leaders in your community. However, you may also find the shorter version (trailer) below, useful for some occasions.


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