Senior Managing Director, Strategic Growth and Marketing, RootOne

RootOne at The Jewish Education Project 
New York, NY 

The Senior Managing Director, Strategic Growth and Marketing (“Senior Managing Director”) will be responsible for transforming RootOne’s visibility across North America, its engagement of unreached target populations, and play a key role in vastly growing the number and diversity of teens participating in Israel travel via RootOne.
Reporting to the Executive Director, the Senior Managing Director will lead and strengthen the marketing team in developing and implementing a clear and comprehensive plan to reach a wider, more diverse population of Jewish teens and their families. The Senior Managing Director will establish and broadcast the brand’s identity and voice, positioning Israel teen travel as highly relevant, beneficial, and unique across the broader teen engagement and travel landscapes.  

Key responsibilities include: 

Leading the Way
•    Capitalize continually on new opportunities to raise RootOne’s brand awareness and reach wider and more diverse audiences, setting a tone for bold creativity and risk-taking across the organization.
•    Lead, support, inspire, and scale the marketing team (Director of Marketing and Digital Outreach Project Manager) in transforming RootOne’s ability to reach new audiences and convincingly move leads into participants.
•    Manage the marketing and communications budget of $1M (and growing) and KPIs on spending effectiveness/ROI.
•    Firmly establish RootOne’s positioning, voice, and point of view.

Driving Growth through Innovation and Experimentation 
•    Leverage exceptional latitude for creativity in designing and executing a multifaceted, innovative marketing strategy that will:
      o    Spark interest in Israel travel among target teen populations and proactively convert new and diverse leads into active participants;
      o    Launch brand awareness through the roof among key stakeholders;
      o    Boldly announce RootOne’s voice and value to the greater teen travel and experience market.
•    Develop and operate a marketing plan and structure that is capable of fast iteration, highly creative positioning, and metrics-driven decision-making across multiple channels.
•    Conceptualize and implement market research to better understand and reach target audiences, including Jewish teens and their families across North America.
•    Optimize the participant journey, from initial awareness to conversion, by implementing targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communication strategies.

External Vendor Relations 
•    Manage RootOne’s working relationship with its current external marketing and communications vendors and determine the need moving forward for utilizing external agencies vs. building and scaling an internal marketing and communications team.

RootOne is seeking a marketing and brand awareness expert with 15+ years of experience owning a budget and leading a team in a fast-paced, competitive category at a growth-stage startup.  

The Senior Managing Director, Marketing and Strategic Growth will be: 

•    A strategic leader who is relentless for results - you bring the experience and mindset to assess a market, create inspired and actionable plans, and execute swiftly against a goal.
•    An entrepreneurial and innovative marketer - you are a risk-taker who can introduce bold, new models for reaching, engaging, and recruiting American Jewish teens and families.
•    A skilled product launcher - you have experience successfully launching products and/or services to market and finding footholds in new target populations.
•    A savvy brand positioner - you have demonstrated success in developing brands from messaging strategy through execution.
•    A team leader and collaborator - you have a track record of managing and growing high-performing teams and creating a positive internal culture of teamwork and excellence.
•    A mission-driven and connected professional - you are someone who understands the teen and parents of teens markets and is compelled by building Jewish identity and connection to Israel among an entire generation of North American Jewish teens.

RootOne is a start-up on a mission to reconceptualize and elevate the field of teen Israel travel in order to transform the relationship of an entire generation of American Jewish teens with Israel and Israelis. RootOne maximizes the number of American Jewish teens who travel to Israel on immersive experiences and the impact that those experiences have by: 

•    Reducing the financial barriers to participation in Israel experiences.
•    Reimagining, redefining, and delivering engagement for Jewish teens through exceptional Israel travel and education experiences in partnership with 50+ providers.
•    Innovating in the teen Israel travel space to increase the relevance of Israel among a much wider and more diverse population of Jewish American teens and their families.

Since 2021, 9,000 North American teens have experienced Israel through RootOne. By 2033, RootOne aims to help 25,000 American Jewish teens deeply connect with Israel each year. 

COMPENSATION: Salary range is $200,000-$225,000 commensurate with experience. 

TO APPLY: Submit your resume and cover letter in confidence using this link: 

The Jewish Education Project is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity and expression, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. Individuals of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply for this job.