The Four Change Boosters: Social Connections


Leveraging Social Connections is too often overlooked as a determinant of success. Tapping into existing social networks among your families can likely provide a willing base of participants. Identifying social “connectors” can help expand that base. By building and expanding personal relationships among your participants you can graft Jewish experiences into the narratives of their lives. By listening to the stories and dreams of your participants you can create meaningful experiences for them which will, in turn, convert them into your most enthusiastic cheerleaders and owners.

We have four Social Connections resources/tools for you to use in this section.

  1. Developing Social Networks:
    This document will help you and your team to think through how to use your social networks to support and spread the word about your new model of innovative Jewish education.

  2. Connecting Conversation A: Talking About Our Hopes and Dreams and Texts Handout
    A social connector conversation builds community and fosters relationships and it gives us insight into what our congregants are valuing/thinking about. Here you will find a “how-to” facilitate a connecting conversation along with the texts on which the conversation is based.

  3. Social Connector Conversation B: Creating Lives of Action and Purpose and Texts Handout
    Here is a second guide, along with resources, for what can be a powerful connecting conversation.

  4. Hopes & Dreams Follow Up:
    Here are ways to circle back parents to share with them what you have learned from you conversations and the direction you are heading.