The Four Change Boosters: Communication


Communication needs to be two-way and continual.  Letting the congregation and leadership know how things are proceeding as well as sharing with them reactions from participants, builds pride and ownership.  Inviting feedback and reactions strengthens interest and support.

We have seven communication resources/tools for you to use in this section.

  1. Booster Checklist: Communication:
    This checklist can help your team consider the different targets you’ll be communicating to about the new learning model and the different strategies that are suitable for each group.

  2. Communicating Your Choice of Model (Year 1):
    This guide will help you plan communication with your community to prepare them for what to expect in the months ahead.

  3. Sharing the Story of Your Model (start of Year 2):
    This resource will help congregations in their second year of model development tell their story of change to education directors, clergy and lay leaders who are new to their team.

  4. Communicating About Your Model (Year 2):
    As you develop your model, you need to keep your community informed about and connected to your model. Use this guide to help you plan with whom you will communicate, how you will communicate, and when you will communicate.

  5. Sharing Your Success: A Story of Impact:
    One way to share our success is by focusing on the impact of a single learner. Use the template below to tell a compelling story.

  6. Engagement: Transparency in Communication:
    This chart can be used to help you and your team assess your communication around your model with others in your congregation.

  7. Strategic Conversations and Building Understanding (based on Moments of Change)
    This guide helps your congregation as you move ahead in your work of designing and implementing a new educational model. It focuses on essential conversations which help us to build a better understanding of our own team, of our clientele (the learners, their families, and the congregation at large), and of our shared purpose.