Tamar Skolnick

5 Fun Purim Projects

Purim is the perfect opportunity to try out new ways to engage your students: arts and crafts for mishloach manot, service learning projects for matanot l’evyonim, and helping your students practice storytelling. Here are five inspired ideas to get you started!

1. Learn how Rabbi Yoni Fein at the Moriah School used blended learning to help 90% of his students learn the Megillah in just a few days before Purim.

Rabbi Yoni Fein
Rabbi Yoni Fein

2. Try a new service learning project - this one, based on Lirdof Tzedek (to pursue justice), asks 8th graders to decide where they want to volunteer in connection to their units of study.

Emanu-El 8th Grade Tzedek League


3. Try out one of these 101 creative Ideas to combine arts and crafts projects with your Mishloach Manot.

mason jar hot chocolate
Image credit: Kosher on a Budget

4. Enjoy these 8 cute, printable Purim masks to decorate with your kids! 

Purim mask
Image credit: Yael Mehl

5. Listen to these bashful Kindergarteners at Lander Grinspoon Academy as they show you how to tell the story of Purim in a captivating way:


Tamar Skolnick, former Project Manager, Digital Marketing at The Jewish Education Project.

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