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The Jewish Education Project is actively tracking trends and opportunities related to educational innovation. We have also learned a great deal from our previous projects and gleaned significant insights and resources that we are sharing here. Through curated resources and original research, we help educators and Jewish communal leaders better understand – and more effectively address – how to adapt models, respond to new research, and hold onto the best of what we have already re-imagined. You can browse or sort through our resources below and you will find them spread throughout our site, labeled Related Resources.

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Model Adaptation
J-JEP is a multi-denominational collaboration between Beth Shalom, a traditional Conservative congregation and Rodef Shalom, a Classical Reform congregation. The learning in J-JEP reflects the belief that no two households are the same.
Model Adaptation
Living Judaism is an all-inclusive experiential learning model of Jewish Education. The purpose of the model is to engage every learner, provide carefully constructed learning experiences, build a strong identity, root students firmly in tradition, and create memories to last for years to come.
Educator Spotlight
Why are students so excited about social studies at Shulamith School for Girls?
Resource Guide
These dynamic guides are designed to save you some time and, more importantly, point you towards some of the significant and helpful resources that we have found valuable.
Resource Guide
If you want to learn about games in educational settings or are an educator that wants to learn how to design them, check out our dynamic and changing resource guide that we provide both as a webpage and in a Google Doc version.
Educational Technology
Hear from teachers who tried out game based learning in their classrooms.
Resource Guide
A resource guide for Jewish educators and youth professionals in the aftermath of the fatal mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
How we can provide our students and youth with the emotional support that they need now, and to empower this generation to bring about the change they want to see in this world. Access our webinar recording and resources.
Not able to attend our Jewish Futures Conference on Civic Education? Attended, but want to review and share with others?