Chavurah... The Graphic Novel

Chavurah - A Three Part Graphic Novel

Welcome to Chavurah, A Graphic Novel in three parts! Chavurah is an educational model that comes in many shapes and sizes. We are presenting one approach based on how it was developed at the Community Synagogue of Rye (NY). Even there it has changed over the years. The Chavurah model is NOT a recipe or formula to be followed, but a set of principles and values to be adapted to and within your particular community's needs and interests. 


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Our Chavurah Graphic Novel is one in a series of Digital Experiments that we developing and sharing out in 2019. We hope it was/will be an inviting and refreshing way to explore innovative models of Jewish education in action through new media.

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Chavurah Model of Jewish Education Three Stories


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Model Adaptation
Community Synagogue of Rye (CSR), NY. Learners in 5th-7th grade meet weekly with a moreh derech (guide/teacher) in each other’s homes to explore Jewish answers to everyday questions. The model includes Family Limmud monthly.
How can we deepen our students' exposure to the arts in a rich and meaningful way? What is the connection to neuroscience and how might that influence how we incorporate the arts or argue for them in our budgets? How does an Arts-based Jewish educational model differ from episodic Arts-based experiences?

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