Innovation and Models

The Congregational Learning team at The Jewish Education Project has spent the past decade collaborating with educational leaders, clergy, teachers and lay leaders at more than 100 congregations to help them develop models of learning that are successfully engaging children and families.

These online resources are designed for those individuals and teams:

  • who have already participated in one or more of these projects, to continue to learn from others and share back some of their learning and insights;
  • who are ready to innovate in their communities and want to study models and their adaptations in depth;

  • who are brand new to this and just want to explore and learn more!

We have divided Innovation and Models into four parts or sections. Feel free to click on any of the titles/sections below and jump in wherever feels right, given your background and current needs, or explore them in sequence.

The graphic is not clickable at this time but will be as we further develop our website. Links are to the left and below.