The Family Learning Model

Family Learning Models focus on families both learning and growing Jewishly through shared experiences and study. The structure may support the family unit by providing childcare, multi-age learning, or regular hands-on activities. Learning may take place in a variety of settings including the synagogue, Tikkun Olam project sites, or in one another’s homes. This learning might take place on Shabbat, on a family retreat, or parallel to traditional Sunday school hours. An emphasis on creating connections within and among participating families drives much of the educational design. A key to the Family Learning Model is the refocus on families, not only children, as learners.

Family Learning Models (click on each for full description):


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The obligation to engage in tikkun olam, repairing the world, serves as the focal point for learning, combining study and action. See a list of service learning models.
Congregations establish a set of broad learning requirements and opportunities for fulfilling them. Choices include time, content and approach to learning. A list of Choice-Based Learning Models has been assembled here.

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