The Choice-Based Learning Model

In Choice-Based Learning, congregations establish a set of broad learning requirements and opportunities for fulfilling them. Families, teens, and/or children select the time, the content and/or the approach to learning that interests them in order to meet those requirements. Learners select from a wide array of options from family travel, to visiting museums, to study groups provided by the congregation.


Choice-Based Learning Models (click on each for full description):

  1. Havurat Torah Va'adot, Temple Israel Center; White Plains, NY

  2. Mesorah: Choosing Your Commitment, Congregation Kol Ami; White Plains, NY

  3. J-JEP: Joint Jewish Education Program of Pittsburgh, Congregation Beth Shalom and Rodef Shalom CongregationPittsburgh, PA
    This adaptation is listed here because it includes Choice-Based Learning and is also listed under Additional Learning Models.


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Model Adaptation
J-JEP is a multi-denominational collaboration between Beth Shalom, a traditional Conservative congregation and Rodef Shalom, a Classical Reform congregation. The learning in J-JEP reflects the belief that no two households are the same.
Not all models fit neatly into one of our major groups (or “buckets”). As new innovations emerge and new experiments are designed, we envision more models may cross-over or be outside of these buckets. In the future we will most likely identify new groupings based on the success of these models.

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