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Jewish Futures 2018: Jewish Civics

Were you unable to attend our Jewish Futures Conference on Civic Education? Attended, but want to review and share with others? You'll find recordings below from many of the sessions. One of the unusual aspects of the day was how program elements were interwoven, and so we present the recordings in the order they occurred.

You have three choices for how to view the conference:

  1. The first player below is our Youtube playlist and will allow you to watch one video after another, skip around, or choose from the built-in dropdown menu.
  2. If you are a browser, then continue down the page and you'll find each of the videos on their own and can go in any order you want.
  3. And if you have some time and want the full experience, at the end you'll find a button that will take you to a special Livestream viewer in two parts - one for the morning and one for the afternoon

Conference Playlist


The Pledge | Jewish Futures 2017

My Shot | Josh Nelson

Lady Liberty | Bible Raps

Conference Introduction | Aaron Dorfman

The Power of Education to Change the World | Joel Westheimer

Conceived in Liberty | Tamara Tweel

Tribute to John Woocher | Jewish Futures 2017

The Law of the Land is Binding | Elana Stein Hain

History Reconsidered | Clint Smith

Tips for Educators | Joel Westheimer

Next Steps & Final Thoughts | David Bryfman




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The following articles, videos, website, initiatives, and webinars, have been selected in tandem with our Jewish Futures Conference 2017 tackling the question of How Can Jewish Civics Education Elevate American Democracy?

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