Sara Duani - Young Pioneers Award 2017 Recipient


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Sara Duani, Yeshiva Har Torah
Sara Duani

When Sara Duani first began teaching first grade at Yeshiva Har Torah, she had to prove to herself and to her students that it is possible to teach entirely in Hebrew; not only did students understand what she was teaching, they were enthusiastic about the language. As Judaic Studies Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator at Yeshiva Har Torah, Sara employs a unique, multi-modal approach, based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence, in order to reach and inspire diverse groups of learners. She connects to her students through warmth and charisma, providing them with a safe environment, where they develop confidence to take the risks necessary to learn a new language. Sara uses song, play acting and music, all entirely in Hebrew, as well as costumes, visual aids, gestures, facial expressions and verbal intonations to enhance her students’ understanding and increase their enthusiasm. Morah Sara’s class is fun and engaging and she masterfully succeeds in developing her students’ skill set and confidence, with which they successfully advance from grade to grade. Underlying all that Morah Sara offers is her belief in her students’ ability to succeed, and her abiding commitment to ensure that all students develop a deep love for learning. In her new role as New Teacher Mentor and Curriculum Coordinator, Sara inspires other teachers and helps them develop their own character strengths, empowering them to advance their own skill set and facilitate learning that is fun, supportive, challenging and empowering.

From the Recipient:
"Receiving this award reinforces my gratitude and pride in being involved in Jewish Education. I am in awe of the value that Jewish Educators place on innovation and on continuously striving towards excellence, and am blessed to be able to play a small role in this inspiring movement."

Reflections from Colleagues:
We are so proud that one of the rising stars within our school, is being recognized for her extraordinary contribution to Yeshiva Har Torah and to Jewish Education. This fitting tribute will no doubt inspire other colleagues to emulate Sara's outstanding passion, creativity and dedication to benefit her students, her work and our Yeshiva.” - Rabbi Gary Menchel, Menahel at Yeshiva Har Torah



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