Young Pioneers Award

Young Pioneers Award 2019

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The Jewish Education Project Young Pioneers Award celebrates forward thinking and innovative educators, age 36 and under, who demonstrate a personal and professional commitment to new ideas, and proven use of technology or other innovative approaches to inspire children, teens and families. 

Eligibility Criteria and Qualifications

Recipients will be chosen based on:

  • A commitment to original, innovative ideas that address learning challenges
  • Proven use of new approaches to inspire students and/or families and to improve learning climate
  • Engaging colleagues and leadership to embrace new ideas
  • Designing or implementing new educational initiatives that lead to observable and measurable changes 

Nominee must:

  • Work with children or teens (age 18 or under), in a Jewish educational context, including but not limited to: Early Childhood Education, Teen Engagement, Congregational / Complementary Learning, Day School Education, Family Engagement, or Jewish Camp
  • Work in New York City (all 5 boroughs), Westchester or Long Island
  • Be age 36 or below on/before April 11, 2019
  • Be nominated by a supervisor, colleague or other professional contact
  • Be available to attend in person event in the afternoon and evening on specific dates in (different for each year)
  • Not have been employed by The Jewish Education Project since November 2017

Recipients and their organizations will receive:

  • $360 Professional Development stipend for the award recipient
  • Special opportunities to connect with other innovative Jewish educators throughout the year
  • Public recognition at a ceremony at The Jewish Education Project benefit and in promotional materials

Recipients will be recognized at our annual celebration to benefit The Jewish Education Project.