Coronavirus COVID-19 for Educators: Resources and Support


We are compiling school-related guidance on how Jewish Day School, Congregation, JCC, Early Childhood, and independent settings are responding and planning in their communities. Please use the sub-menu above to access each of our main sections.

Educator Resources

  • The Jewish Education Project
    • Collated Covid-19 Educator Materials and Resources
      We are curating and constantly updating our growing Google Drive collection of annotated resources for Jewish educators in Day Schools, Congregational, Youth, and Community settings - all organized by a Table of Contents.
    • SPECIAL...
      • Top Ten Count Up! Building Up To Shavuot! | Created by Abby Pitkowsky
        This year we have an opportunity to capitalize on the continued presence of our learners and their families and can engage with them around this holiday. Shavuot is surrounded by counting; it falls 49 days after the second day of Passover and there is a tradition of daily counting – called the Omer – between those holidays. This year, let’s build anticipation, expand the learning, and embrace a Jewish tradition by counting up to Shavuot. You will see elements related to Shavuot along with suggestions for how to use them as a springboard for relevant and meaningful family conversations and/or activities.
      • Earth Day 2020 & Nature-Based Resources for Early Childhood Educators During COVID-19 | Created by Shariee Calderone
        If there’s one thing we can all count on during this unprecedented time of social distancing, it’s that the natural world will stay true to its own rhythms. Earth Day is this Wednesday, April 22nd!

Educator Support

  • NEW... Our Recommendations for Educators on How to Secure your Zoom Classrooms and Meetings
    There is a lot of information (and misinformation) out there about intrusions into Zoom sessions in many communities (not just in the Jewish community). Not wanting to add just another version, we have synthesized the recommendations and tailored it to educators and educational settings.
  • Educator Support Request and EdTech Help Desk 
    This link will take you to a short form where you can tell us what you need help with and how quickly you need it. As soon as it is submitted, a group of our team members is notified and someone will get back to you shortly. We are now also using this form to schedule Help Desk appointments with our Director of Online Educational Content who can help you choose platforms and tools, direct you to the best training options for your particular situation (and work with you personally), as well as brainstorm options for how best to manage your online program, work with staff and parents, and share your content.


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Related Resources

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Resource Guide
These are some of the selected resources that have always been at the forefront of guiding our Passover experiences and new ones that are emerging in response to our massive communal need.

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