Coronavirus COVID-19 for Educators: Webinars and Recordings


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NEW... Getting to What's Next: A Special D.I.Y. Webinar
Recorded 6.1.20 | This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. 

In this time of uncertainty, there remain some constants: leadership, vision, systems, and scenario planning processes. The Jewish Education Project and Debra Brosan, an expert in educational leadership and change management, created this *one-time webinar where we will explain our "Getting to What's Next" framework that can help you and your organization strategically think about planning for 2020-2021.

This framework, designed for day schools, early childhood centers, congregational schools, and beyond, will help you ask the right questions for your school/organization and present tools to assist in streamlining your thinking.

*This webinar is designed for educational leaders in New York and across North America who are not part of our "Getting to What's Next" Future Planning cohorts which had its own separate webinar.

Webinar: Summer Engagement 2020 | Recorded 6.1.20 | This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. 

Want to engage your families and learners in a meaningful way this summer but aren’t sure the best ways to do that now that everything is online? Join us to explore how we can continue to connect with families throughout the warm weather months. We will learn from experts in experiential education as well as practitioners who are effectively translating their hands-on experience to the digital space.

Featured Presenters:

Town Hall Meeting: Inclusion in Online Jewish Education | Recorded 5.19.20 | This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar.

In this town hall meeting, we will welcome questions from educators in the field. Our panel of experts will respond by expanding our theoretical understanding while sharing practical approaches to the following: 

  • Holistic model of inclusion: how can we effectively expand our definition and practice of inclusion?
  • Social Relationships: how to support our socially vulnerable learners.
  • Executive Functioning: what tools and strategies can educators use in the virtual space to support learners with their attention and organization.
  • Parent Partnership: redefining the balance of partnership.

Our panel includes:

  • Dr. Elana G. Spira, a licensed clinical psychologist and Director of Research and Evaluation at Westchester Jewish Community Services, a leading social service agency in Westchester County, New York.
  • Elana Naftalin-Kelman directs the Tikvah program for kids with disabilities at Camp Ramah in California and is Co-Founder of Edah, a Jewish after school program located in Berkeley, California.
  • Meredith Polsky founded Matan in 2000 and serves as its National Director of Institutes and Training. She holds a Master’s in Special Ed from Bank Street College and in Clinical Social Work from Columbia Univ. Meredith is a 2017 Covenant Award recipient.
  • Ilana Kustanowitz, PhD, received her BA from the Univ. of Pennsylvania with a double major in Psychology and Jewish Studies. After conducting research at the NYU Child Study Center, she completed her doctorate in School Psychology and has worked at Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County since 2007.

Webinar: Managing Challenging Behaviors During COVID-19 with Jillian DiPietro, LSW | Recorded 5.14.20 | This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar.

COVID-19 has brought with it an entirely new normal for parents and educators alike, seeking a balance between work and family in a way we’ve never experienced before. In this webinar Jillian DiPietro, LCSW, outlines evidence-based practical strategies for effective behavior management during the coronavirus crisis. Skills include managing your own expectations and understanding the impact that this crisis is having on you and children, developing systems to increase the likelihood of positive behaviors and promote academic success, and learning positive behavioral strategies to decrease challenging behaviors. 

The Shifting Landscape of College Guidance and Managing Related Anxiety | Recorded 5.13.20 | This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar.

Many educational constants are in flux as a result of the Coronavirus and school closures. We will hear from practitioners in the field of college guidance and college admissions about the shifting landscape, how to gather information about your college’s plans, and the decisions that are in your power to make. In addition, a mental health professional will help us with strategies to navigate the anxiety that arises from the many unknowns in our near and medium-range future. 

Featured Presenters:

  • James Luciano, College Counselor, Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
  • Ann Fleming Brown, Director of Admissions, Union College
  • Dr. Russell Hoffman, Psychologist, SAR High School

Webinar: Relationship-Centered Learning in the Time of Coronavirus and the Future | Recorded 5.4.20

During these times of uncertainty, fostering relationships with our learners is more critical than ever, yet, these relationships are challenging to nurture virtually. Join us as we explore relationship-based pedagogies and practices of trauma-informed instruction, and positive psychology that are applicable both in the virtual learning environment and in real life to help nurture stronger and more supportive relationships.

Featured Presenters:

  • Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook, founders and co-directors of Pedagogy of Partnership
  • David Bryfman, CEO of The Jewish Education Project
  • Nick Magle-Haberek, MS, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Director - BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy at Ramah in the Rockies
  • Moderated by Rabbi Dena Klein, Managing Director New Models, The Jewish Education Project

Webinar: Approaching Transitions... Ending our Year with Positivity, Reflection, and Ritual | Recorded 4.30.20

How, in these uncertain times, do we mark important transitions and promote reflection as this school year of Jewish learning comes to a close? Join us as we explore ways to provide meaningful closure in virtual spaces.

Featured Presenters:

  • Rabbi Samantha Frank and Rabbinical Student Rena Singer, founders of Modern Ritual
  • Sarah Rosenblum, MAPP, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Educator - Kehillah High and Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
  • Phreddy Nosanwisch, Young Pioneer Award Recipient, Congregational School Teacher, and Graduate Student at JTS
  • Moderated by Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith, Managing Director, Leadership Initiatives, The Jewish Education Project

New York State Professional Development for Non-Public Schools and End of Year Planning

Your Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2020 Game Plan | Recorded 4.22.20 | This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar.
During this time of social distance from community, we have an opportunity to cultivate our students’ connections to their larger Jewish community – the State, people, and land of Israel. Rich Walter, VP of Curriculum and Outreach at the Center for Israel Education, shares his knowledge, resources, and practical ideas that can be directly applied to your Yom Ha'Atzmaut teaching and celebration, and we'll hear from practitioners who have recently reinvented their plans to deliver content-rich and meaningful learning experiences virtually. 

Webinar: Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2020: Celebrating with Young Children and Families | Recorded 4.20.20

During this time of social distance from the community, we have an opportunity to cultivate our students’ connections to Israel using the concept of home to understand how to foster natural connections between the students' environment and our Jewish homeland. Join Sasha Kopp, Communal Education Consultant at The Jewish Education Project as she shares ideas of how to incorporate art, music and nature to create enriching experiences for the whole family. 

Webinar: Recognizing Grief and Distress in Ourselves and Our Students | Recorded 4.19.20 | This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. We will be adding a YouTube version here soon.
Co-sponsored by OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services and Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools. 
More than ever before, we are living in a time that we will be called upon as day school educators to address grief and distress in our learning communities. You are not alone. A panel of mental health experts with Dr. Robin Stern, Dr. Norman Blumenthal, and Rabbi Meir Mark will advise us on responding to bereaved students, family members and ourselves; recognizing symptoms of mental distress and managing emotions. 

Webinar: Supportive Perspectives for Children and Families Under Stress | Recorded 4.2.20 | This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. We will be adding a YouTube version here.
Designed for Early Childhood Educators and Parents of Young Children
As the Coronavirus forces us to change the way we interact and engage in the world, we are likely to experience stress and anxiety, and potential trauma. However, opportunities exist to recognize stress early and nourish the minds and souls of individuals and families. This webinar with Dr. Beth Gonzalez-Dolginko offers a brief overview of trauma and shares how the art of children can help us identify when children are experiencing stress or trauma. Includes specific reactions children have to stress, and how their artwork can give parents and educators a window into the feelings of young children.

Talking about Death and Dying: A Webinar for Educators | Recorded 4.1.20
This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. We will be adding a YouTube version here.
More than ever before, we are living in a time that we will be called upon as Jewish educators to address death and dying in our communities. We welcome Rabbi Melanie Levav, Director of PJ Library New York, as she shares with us her knowledge as a rabbi, a chaplain, and a social worker, in guiding our families in this important conversation with Rabbi Dena Klein, Managing Director of New Models at The Jewish Education Project.

Webinar: Seder in the Time of Social Distancing | Recorded 3.31.20
This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. We will be adding a YouTube version here.
Social Distancing is forcing many to ask: how can I create a meaningful Seder when family and friends cannot be physically present?  Join us to explore resources and ideas for educators to support families in creating a sense of connection for this year’s Seder with Lisa Colton, Founder and President, Darim Online, Rabbi Sharon Forman, Author of The Baseball Haggadah:  A Festival of Freedom and Springtime in 15 Innings, Rabbi Beth Nichols, Rabbi and Director of Congregational Learning, Temple Israel of New Rochelle, and moderated by Rabbi Dena Klein, Managing Director of New Models, The Jewish Education Project.

Webinar: Supporting Socialization and Parents During a Time of Isolation | Recorded 3.27.20
This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. We will be adding a YouTube version here at a later time.
As schools close and workplaces go remote to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, adults are quickly adapting to keep children healthy and occupied. Many are wondering how to keep their children learning and building appropriate social connections during this time of physical distancing. This webinar, led by Dr. Rachel Busman and Dr. Stephanie Lee from the Child Mind Institute, provides information about social development in children ages 0-5 and strategies to address socialization, social development, and isolation during coronavirus. They also offer recommendations for how to discuss the coronavirus - and related anxiety - with kids and families. 

Webinar: Caring for Yourself and Others in a Time of Crisis | Recorded 3.20.20. 
This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. We will be adding a YouTube version here at a later time.
In this time of increased anxiety and stress, we are seeking strategies that provide emotional support so that we can be there for our communities. Join us for a pre-Shabbat opportunity for reflection and renewal with Dr. Betsy Stone, psychologist and adjunct professor at HUC-JIR, and Naomi Less, Founding Ritual Leader and Associate Director at LabShul,  as we explore responses that will help us, our learners, and their families cope during this crisis. ​​​​​​ 

Early Childhood Passover Ideas and Resources | Recorded 3.27.30
This session with educators throughout the New York Metro area was led by our Early Childhood and Family Engagement Team at The Jewish Education Project.

The recording from the webinar that preceded this is unfortunately not available but we are sharing the resources from each of the breakout sessions:



Webinar 3: Responding to Coronavirus through Digital Engagement | Recorded 3.12.20. This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar. We will be adding a YouTube version here at a later time.

Screengrab from Webinar of AnswerGarden being used by participants
Screengrab from Webinar of AnswerGarden being used by participants.

When we can’t create in-person community, what alternatives do supplementary schools and early childhood programs have? Join us as we learn with digital content and engagement expert, Mindy Gold of EdTechMMG, as she shares best practices around building community online while meeting your content goals in this time of uncertainty. Mindy will showcase tools, plus tips and tricks to creating and facilitating online learning. The webinar will also feature practitioner, Rabbi David Levy of Westchester Reform Temple, who will share his congregation’s current plan to address the needs of the community.

Webinar 2: How Jewish Educators Can Remain Vigilant, Healthy, and Calm in the Face of Coronavirus (with a focus on Youth Serving Organizations) | Recorded 3.5.20

This webinar featured medical, emotional, and practical strategies for students, teachers, and parents with:

  • Dr. Sharon Nachman, Chief of Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Renaissance School of Medicine, Stony Brook University
  • Kerith Braunfeld, Director, and Marcia Stein, Associate Director of Religious Education and Youth, Congregation Rodeph Sholom
  • Shelly Simon, LCSW
  • Rabbi Dena Klein, The Jewish Education Project, Moderator

Webinar 1: Remaining Vigilant, Staying Healthy, and Keeping Calm in the Face of Coronavirus (with a focus on Day Schools and Yeshivas)| Recorded 3.3.20

This webinar is presented by The Jewish Education Project in partnership with UJA-Federation of New York, Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools, OHEL Children's Home and Family Services, and AJC and featured (in order of appearance):

  • Marc Stern, Chief Legal Officer at AJC (American Jewish Committee)
  • Dr. Norman Blumenthal, OHEL Children's Home and Family Services
  • Dr. Sharon Nachman, Chief of Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Director of the Office of Clinical Trials, Professor Pediatrics Renaissance School of Medicine, Stony Brook University
  • Moderated by Sara Seligson, Managing Director, and Judith Talesnick, Director, Professional Learning and Growth, in Day Schools and Yeshivot

Distance Learning Webinars

(for Day School Educators and others)

Explain Everything: Grades 3-5
Participants will learn about the multi-functionality of Explain Everything. This interactive tool will give teachers many formats to engage their learners - whiteboard, PDFs, videos, text with voice over… while not limitless, the possibilities are enormous!
Date: Recorded Thu, March 12, 2020

Zoom: Grades K-12
You're doing online teaching… so now what?! What tools does the Zoom platform provide? How do you record? How can you run a live lesson remotely with either one?
Date: Recorded Fri, March 13, 2020

Curating and Creating Asynchronous Distance Learning: Grades K-2
In this webinar, participants will delve into theory and practice around how best to engage K-2 students online. What is the balance between live screen-time and asynchronous engagement? What are the best tools and resources out there?
Date: Recorded Sun, March 15, 2020

EdPuzzle and PlayPosit: Grades 6- 12
In this webinar, participants will learn about different ways to edit video content so that you can embed interactive questions and increase learner engagement in asynchronous learning experiences. Learners will receive feedback on their responses and teachers will receive data on student engagement and knowledge acquisition.
Date: Recorded Sun, March 15, 2020

Explain Everything: Part 2: Grades 3-5
Continue learning about Explain Everything and bring your questions and challenges. We hope that you tried creating your own content between session 1 and session 2, but it is not required in order to join in.
Date: Recorded Sun, March 15, 2020


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