Essential Principles and Guiding Questions for Anti-Semitism Related Education

This is a work-in-progress that we share in connection with our Jewish Futures Conference, Pride and Prejudice. We look forward to your thoughts and comments at as we develop this further

Essential principles for anti-Semitism related education:

  • Education around anti-Semitism should be lifelong, ongoing, moral education, rather than periodic or incident-responsive only programming.
  • When age-appropriate, children should know about the current and historic facts pertaining to anti-Semitism as a unique set of experiences, as well as learn about racism and all forms of discrimination in the world.
  • In an era when young people are increasingly identifying as global citizens, it is important that their understanding of anti-Semitism and any related educational experiences be resonant with their expansive worldview.
  • Anti-Semitism related education should offer optimistic, proud, thriving-oriented alternatives to fear-focused pedagogy and rhetoric.

Guiding questions for learners and educators:

  • How do I equip myself to confront harsh realities while developing and sustaining the optimism to believe that the world is beautiful and that I can make it a better place?
  • To what should I be attuned in the surrounding world and to whom do I need to be connected in order to make it a better place?
  • What do I need to know about myself (internal knowledge) and the world (external knowledge) to confront tough stuff? 
  • How do I use and build upon my character strengths to tackle these big issues?
  • What do I need to learn to figure out when and how to react, when not to react, and when to resist?
  • How does being part of a community that has experienced bigotry and oppression impact me and my life as a Jew and person? How can group experiences of marginalization and oppression affect the individuals within those groups?
  • What does it mean to be an "other"? What does it mean to see people as "others"? When do I experience and/or do this?