In-SITE-ful Journeys


Hear the story of innovation in early childhood and family engagement from someone who’s doing it. Our In-site-ful Journeys engage and connect colleagues in ongoing learning through “site visits” to area schools, virtual learning opportunities and community field trips.

Each In-site-ful Journey visit allows educators to observe schools in session and see adaptations of change in early childhood practice. Participants interact with directors and teacher-leaders to learn how each made their vision a reality.  Through learning new ideas and connecting people to each other across communities, attendees are supported towards taking the next steps in their own innovation journey. Site visits, conversations and webinars continue each year and will be linked under "Events" in the main menu.

“In-site-ful Journeys” launched in 2012 to spread successful innovative practices between educational professionals and schools across the NY Metro area. Journaling and documenting these visits allows us to share particular insights and resources with educators everywhere. Below you will find selected Journal entries from a number of these visits which include photo albums, video clips, leader bios, reflections and additional resources.

Site Visit Journals