Qushiyot קושיות: Israel Education Fellowship



Qushiyot is a partnership between The Jewish Education Project and Makom and is built upon the 4HQ System of Israel Education as developed by Makom.

Explore learning opportunities during the fall and winter of 2020-2021 with fellow Qushiyot alumni.

We are excited to present sessions on Israeli popular culture, Israeli politics and society, digital learning, and more. Advance your Israel education plan with a Qushiyot mentor in a Peer Action Kvutzah or the Qushiyot Alumni Network. 

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Qushiyot is a 10-month network experience, offering an opportunity to connect with colleagues of diverse perspectives and partake in a range of learning opportunities to spur innovation. It is a comprehensive, open approach to Israel education that embraces the vibrant complexity of Israel.

  • Benefit from individual coaching and professional development for teaching Israel in part-time settings in grades 2-12.
  • Experience an intensive 6-day workshop in Israel, based around Makom's Four Hatikvah Questions (4HQ) method. 
  • Develop contemporary, meaningful, and relevant Israel curriculum 
  • Learn how to build support from key lay and professional leadership
  • Address controversial issues and your own relationship to Israel

Note: Qushiyot is open ONLY to educators from part-time Jewish educational settings such as congregations and JCCs from Long Island, Westchester and the 5 boroughs of New York City.


"The 4HQ model is a deceptively simple approach that in fact creates a framework for understanding Israel in a much more sophisticated way... the invaluable opportunity to hear Israelis speak about Israel, from a multitude of perspectives... has made me personally feel more familiar with contemporary Israel."

Amy Rosenbaum, Ph.D., Community Educator
Temple Israel Center, White Plains

"I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to study under such exceptional facilitators and specialists at Makom who brought their depths of knowledge to us. Their expertise and knowledge enhanced our learning and pushed us to view Israel through its different lenses."

Sharon Solomon, Religious School Director
Temple Beth Sholom, Roslyn

qushiyot קושיות - say what?

The name originates in the four questions that we ask at Seder night and the chavruta and study involved in answering them. It brings to mind the student who asks a question for the sake of digging in further into an issue. In modern Israel, it smacks of a challenging question that stops you in your tracks and demands a considered answer. We believe that Israel's complexity can best be addressed through a series of Qushiyot, rather than a set of simple answers.

About our partner: Makom

Makom, the education lab of the Jewish Agency, educates leaders and creates content to embrace the vibrant complexity of Israel. Makom empowers educators, rabbi, activists, arts and community leaders across the spectrum to ask tough questions, articulate compelling visions and provides the content and tools to craft honest programming. Qushiyot is built upon the 4HQ System of Israel Education as developed by Makom.

Questions? Contact Abby Pitkowksy or 646-472-5351