Israel Education: Selected Resources


  • How does this video make you feel… hopeful? annoyed?
  • Does it capture the spirit of Israel today or is it simplistic?
  • What types of questions could you ask your students before or after watching it… What surprised you? Who did you notice in the crowd? Who was missing?
  • If you could ask all of the participants in the video one question, what would it be?

There are a lot (i.e., tons) of digital resources out there on Israel and on Israel’s 70th from a myriad of viewpoints, agendas, and political persuasions. We offer a small sample of some that we find thought-provoking and worth exploring. We look forward to hearing your feedback at


Center for Israel Education

Lessons from Center for Israel Education (CIE)

CIE’s mission is to educate broadly about modern Israel. Many of the learning materials here were created by CIE staff, while others were submitted by interested educators who attended previous CIE workshops.

  • Index by subject and grade
    The learning materials have been sorted by grade level and general topic area. Some items may appear in more than one subject or age area.

  • Alphabetical listing of all resources
    Includes a short description. Grade/levels do not appear in the list but are available in the actual lessons.


iCenter for Israel Education

Discussion Guides and Resources from the iCenter

The iCenter has curricula, programs, and resources, including specialized collections for camps and day schools, plus their Aleph-Bet of Israel Education, which is organized into 12 areas of focus. Their work is “rooted in the beliefs of the centrality of the learner, trusting the educational process, and a commitment to both a loving and transparent Israel education.” A new section of their website, ISRAEL AT 70, has a special and diverse collection of their resources that offer "opportunities to explore Israel Education." We've highlighted two, in particular, which you can access from this collection (among others):

  • ISRAEL AT 70

    • Approaching Conflicts: Contexts, Perspectives, and Values in Israel Education
      A Toolkit for helping educators and learners engage sensitive material with more confidence, ask more questions and challenge assumptions for the purpose of a strong and meaningful relationship with Israel.

    • Israel Democracy Institute Curriculum (7 modules)
      For the Sake of Justice: Understanding Israel Through its Supreme Court
      Developed in partnership with the Israel Democracy Institute, this curriculum uses supreme court cases in the United States and Israel to explore issues of civic responsibility, social justice, and human dignity.


Makom. Israel. In Real Life.

Resources from Makom

Makom: Israel. In Real Life, is the Education Lab of The Jewish Agency in Jerusalem and works to empower educators, activists, arts, and community leaders across the spectrum to ask tough questions and articulate compelling visions, and provides content and tools to craft honest programming. Makom has extensive collections of resources and lessons including full curricula for teens and adults (that you should really explore).

  • Social Justice: The Hope – Israeli NGOs
    Of late, some of Israel’s NGOs have come under attack. This set of lessons examines 9 different Non-Governmental Organizations (not for profits) in 2012 that serve/d Israeli society and the field of Jewish Service Learning. You can explore them one at a time or divide up students into groups that examine one or two. What problems are they trying to solve? Are these problems present in the United States? What do they tell you about Israel and about Israelis?

  • Arts Resources
    Israeli writing, visual art, and music are full of hints, comments, and colors of modern-day Israel and, and one of the sections of Makom’s website is dedicated to them. Here are two musically oriented and different takes on teaching about Israel and Israelis.
    • Makom Music Blogs
      The Makom Music Blogs have an extensive array of music with guided lessons, recordings, videos and translations (in most cases). Old Songs Renewed is a rich and deep dive into five different songs that you should definitely check out. Here, though, we are focusing on the ever-popular and irreverent HaDag Nachash band that you’ll find in several entries of Makom’s Music Blogs (mixed among other important and very different artists). Look for three new song translations (at the top of the page), the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and three songs on corruption (in the middle of the page), and finally Powerpoints of many of their lyrics (at the bottom)

    • Artists Focus
      This section focuses on four Israeli artists - Alma Zohar, Shay Charka, Ehud Banai and Kobi Oz. The Kobi Oz section is the most extensive including videos with subtitles and full transcripts in Hebrew and English translations of 11 songs on his “Mizmorei Nevuchim – Psalms for the Perplexed” album. It also includes an interview with links to some of his previous recordings with Teapacks.

      As much as we love the Kobi collection as an educational resource to explore Israel culture, we can’t resist showcasing one of the three videos in Ehud Banai’s section, given that it hits so close to home.

Related Resources

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Related networks

Facilitator: Shellie Dickstein with Drs. Sivan Zakai and Lauren Applebaum
Join this network and become an Early Childhood Israel Fellow! With the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel approaching, this network will focus on reimagining early childhood Israel education for your classroom and school.  We will explore how to successfully merge best practices in Israel and progressive early childhood education to help young children and their parents form a realistic, meaningful understanding of Israel as a people, land and homeland throughout the school year. You will emerge from this experience with a vision for Israel education in the early years that flows from children’s understanding and interests, and demonstrates how Israel learning can be more emergent and not only take place on Yom Ha’Atzmaut. During this network you will explore your own relationship with Israel through readings, interviews, articles, or webinars, and design and document one new experimental approach to Israel education in your classroom or school. Participants must commit to attending all meetings and seminars. Teacher leaders must have endorsement and support of their Director to participate. This exciting action network is part of a tri-city initiative focusing solely ISRAEL EDUCATION IN THE EARLY YEARS that we hope will serve as the beginning of a larger project and a model for other American Jewish early childhood communities  In this special initiative, we will be joining forces with parallel cohorts of early childhood educators from Chicago’s Jewish United Fund (led by Anna Hartman) and Baltimore’s Center for Jewish Education (led by Alison Zimbalist). Dr. Sivan Zakai and Dr. Lauren Applebaum of Project Orli: Research and Leadership for Israel Education will serve as scholars-in-residence for our program, coming to lead two intensive workshops during the year as well as share cutting-edge research in Israel education via webinar sessions.
Facilitator: Abby Pitkowsky
Qushiyot, the Israel Education Fellowship, is a full-year network experience that offers participants the opportunity to connect with colleagues of diverse perspectives and partake in a range of learning opportunities to spur innovation in Israel Education. Qushiyot is a comprehensive philosophical and pedagogical approach to Israel education which embraces the vibrant complexity of Israel. The fellowship, offered in partnership with Makom, is centered around a 9-day training in Israel, together with NY-based workshops, a full mentoring process and tools to apply a comprehensive, practical approach to Israel education, empowers educators to develop meaningful and relevant Israel educational experiences for their sites.