Additional Learning Models

Not all models fit neatly into one of our major groups (or “buckets”). As new innovations emerge and new experiments are designed, we envision more models may cross-over or be outside of these buckets. In the future we will most likely identify new groupings based on the success of these models.

Mayim, our initial example, could be placed in a Multi-aged, Project-Based Learning, or Experiential Learning bucket. Click below for full description.


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Model Adaptation
J-JEP is a multi-denominational collaboration between Beth Shalom, a traditional Conservative congregation and Rodef Shalom, a Classical Reform congregation. The learning in J-JEP reflects the belief that no two households are the same.
Model Adaptation
Living Judaism is an all-inclusive experiential learning model of Jewish Education. The purpose of the model is to engage every learner, provide carefully constructed learning experiences, build a strong identity, root students firmly in tradition, and create memories to last for years to come.

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