Online/Hybrid Learning Model

Technology is used to support online and blended learning, enabling learners to have either more control over the content, time and pace of their learning or to eliminate logistical challenges like transportation. This model can employ available online content (e.g., Hebrew learning games, MyJewishLearning, Shalom Learning), can include a whole “classroom” of students learning together, or can facilitate interaction with a tutor or teacher. The approach is usually integrated with regularized peer or family learning.

Online/Hybrid Learning Models (click on each for full description):


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Congregations establish a set of broad learning requirements and opportunities for fulfilling them. Choices include time, content and approach to learning. A list of Choice-Based Learning Models has been assembled here.
Provides learning for the entire family on Shabbat, a family retreat, or Sunday school hours. Locations include the synagogue, Tikkun Olam project sites, or homes. A list of Family Learning models has been assembled here.

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