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Happiness Hacks

Not able to attend the Happiness Hacks Conference? Attended, but want to review and share with others? You'll find recordings below from many of the sessions. One of the unusual aspects of the day was how program elements were interwoven, and so we present the recordings in the order they occurred.

Aliza Kline:
Personal Happiness

Aaron Dorfman IntroDUCTION and
PROFSSOR Dan Ariely on What Makes Us Happy

RABBI Shira Stutman:
a Jewish Response to Happiness

Professor Dan Ariely:
Happiness and the Paradox of Choice

Rabbi Lee Moore:
Laughter Yoga

Lippman Kanfer Prize for Applied Jewish Wisdom

DR. David Bryfman:

Professor Dan Ariely:
How Can We Be HappIER?

Aryeh Ben David:
Happiness in Jewish Education

Dr. David Bryfman:
The Mood Meter and Final Reflection


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Resource Guide
As a follow-up to our most recent and definitely stimulating Jewish Futures Conference on Happiness Hacks in Jewish Education, we have assembled some of the resources we used that day and some articles on this subject that may be of interest.
At Columbia University, over 400 Jewish educators and communal leaders gathered at the Jewish Futures Conference to hear a case for radically shifting the priorities of Jewish education. Produced through a partnership between The Jewish Education Project and The Lippman Kanfer Institute for Living Torah.

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