I*MPACT NOW: Models, Videos, and the Study

Impact Now Congregational Learning in Action

I*mpact Now was a year-long study developed to tell the “Story of Impact” of innovative models already created by The Coalition of Innovating Congregations at The Jewish Education Project, and to support congregations in continuing to develop these and other models. This study worked with 12 congregations to identify the impact and the perceived value of new innovations and models of Jewish education, and included parent focus groups and one‐to‐one interviews.

Below you’ll find a list of the Congregations that participated, a video player, and a link to the study. We invite you to:

  • Review the study which highlights four important findings about the parents and children who were part of these innovative programs

  • Explore the models by clicking on one of the Model titles below (which will take you to Part D: Models and How They Are Implemented)

  • Learn about individual congregations and their model adaptations by clicking on the program name below

  • Watch videos about each program by using the video player below (or you’ll find them posted individually with each program description).

Click on the 3-line menu in the top left corner of the video below for a list of videos from which to choose. Once opened, click the X in the right side of the menu to close it.

I*mpact Now Models, Programs and Communities

Camp/Retreat Model:

  • Chavayah, Temple Israel of New Rochelle

  • Yedidim, Temple Beth Sholom of Roslyn

Family Learning Model:

Intergenerational Model:

Online/Blended Model:

  • FACETime, Temple Beth El of Great Neck

  • TiLearn, Temple Israel of the City of New York

Service Learning Model:

Shabbat Centered Model:

Related Resources

Model Adaptation
Community Synagogue of Rye (CSR), NY. Learners in 5th-7th grade meet weekly with a moreh derech (guide/teacher) in each other’s homes to explore Jewish answers to everyday questions. The model includes Family Limmud monthly.
Model Adaptation
Temple Israel of the City of NY. Blended learning for 4-6th graders, onsite one day a week and in a virtual classroom using Shalom Learning curriculum and Torah Aura Hebrew packet one day a week.

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