Israel Education: Webinars




What Now for Israel Education After the Elections? | wed., nov. 13, 2019 | In-person and online

On September 17th, elections were held once again in Israel as a coalition failed to form following the early elections in April. Join Robbie Gringras, Israel educator, writer, and performer, to explore how the educational approach of "hugging and wrestling" applies in a post-election Israel.

#1: Unpacking the Israeli Election 2019 | recorded 3.12.19

With Lahav Harkov, Senior Contributing Editor of The Jerusalem Post, unpacking the Knesset, the new political parties, and the major issues of the election. This was a two-part webinar with breakout sessions led by the UJA-NY Shilichim. The recording is only of Part I with Lahav Harkov. Be sure to also review the special Israel Election Resources that we've added on our Selected Resources page.


#2a-b-c Webinars: Israel Education. Connections, Complexities, and Conflicts. A Three-Part Webinar Series


What approaches can help our learners embrace Israel with all her complexities while helping them and their families develop and strengthen a positive relationship with the people, the state, and the land? This three-webinar series this spring will explore the philosophy and challenges of Israel education today, the available resources, and new approaches to teaching about Israel. 

#3 webinar: to be a free people in our land with matti friedman