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Jewish Futures 2019- Pride and Prejudice

The following resources have been selected in tandem with and growing out of our Jewish Futures Conference 2019, Pride and Prejudice: Jewish Education's Battle Amid Growing Anti-Semitism. Further down this webpage, you'll find several Featured Resources that we will rotate from the full collection which we hope you will "Access and Explore" immediately below. This is a dynamic and changing resource guide that is designed to point you towards some of the significant and helpful resources that we believe you may find valuable.

ACCESS AND EXPLOREWe provide the full version as a Google Doc so that educators can add it to their Drive, if they want, or make a copy to work with on their own.

We also hope you will let us know how you use these resources in the weeks and months ahead. To share resources with us, or other thoughts about this guide, please email

Featured Resources

NEW! Antisemitism: Here and Now | Book by Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, Study Guide by Dr. Erica Brown | Covenant Foundation
This interactive study guide is designed to be used by facilitators and educators to structure conversations on antisemitism today. The guide contains a chapter-by-chapter review with questions, followed by a brief interview with the author. The guide also includes seven case studies, composites of real-life situations, that one may wish to dissect with a group and analyze. Lastly, the guide contains several group exercises to provoke conversations about antisemitism, identity, and diversity, with links to online resources. The guide may also be downloaded as a PDF.

NEW! Essential Principles and Guiding Questions for Anti-Semitism Related Education | The Jewish Education Project
This is a new tool that we are releasing before the conference in the hope that it will both inspire and create an important conversation about how we should/could craft the learning experiences around these topics. 

Antisemitism & Religious Intolerance | Facing History
One of many topic areas, this one has 112 resources and “finds connections between historic debates over religious liberty and contemporary global tensions over faith, identity, citizenship, and immigration. Using the history of antisemitism to start dialogue, we examine the power this ancient hatred has to shape thought, judgment, and behavior around the globe."

שנאת חנם Sinat Chinam (Causeless Hatred): A Resource Guide for Rabbis & Others on Antisemitism  | American Jewish Committee
(from the introduction) “...just as we see that antisemitism can come from many places, we also see all around us allies ready to join us in fighting it. Many of us are already working to build coalitions and communities of conscience, to join forces with other houses of worship, and clergy across all faiths. We must continue to do so, of course, not only to oppose antisemitism and all forms of bigotry but in order to affirm positively what we all stand for as Americans—democracy and pluralism: We are all Americans; we all want to practice mutual respect and advance mutual understanding; and we all want to be supported and protected in this process.

Antisemitism Unit Plan | Jewish Education Center of Cleveland | Grade: 6-12
From the educators and innovators of the rapid response curriculum, this unit provides opportunities to examine historical and contemporary anti-Semitism, using both traditional and contemporary Jewish texts and activities. It was revised and updated in 2018.

"Scary World" Webinar Recording | The Jewish Education Project
Our panel of educators with diverse experiences and perspectives explored how educational leaders and teachers could address sensitive and scary topics with youth of all ages and what concrete things educators could do for their learners and communities. Includes an extended Q&A from several of our panelists and educational resources.


Related Resources

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